Symptoms usually appear within a week of infection. In girls, there will be a small pimple with a reddish base that will gradually fill with pus, opening and hollowing. Eventually, several ulcers usually appear that are very painful and soft. About a week later, the pelvic lymph gland on one side of the groin may become enlarged and painful. Other girls do not notice sores but have pain during sex or while urinating. still others never notice any symptoms, especially if the sores are on the vaginal walls or cervix.

Boys experience painful sores under the foreskin or on the underside of the penis that fill with pus and turn into ulcers. About 50 percent of infected boys will go on to develop painful, enlarged lymph glands in the groin.

Both boys and girls are infectious until the lesions are completely healed, which may take up to a week. it is not possible to become immune.

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