SPF 30 on all sunscreens, the use of the terms "water-resistant" and "very water-resistant" instead of "waterproof," charts to match skin types with the appropriate SPF numbers, and stricter guidelines on antiaging claims.

Sunscreen and Infants

Infants under age six months should not be given sunscreen and should be kept out of the sun entirely by using carriage hoods, canopies, and tightly woven umbrellas, along with a lightweight but tightly woven hat. Time in the sun should be limited to short trips, with the baby kept in the shade as much as possible. Since sand, concrete, snow, and water reflect ultraviolet radiation, it is better to park the carriage on grass instead of a patio. When at the beach, the baby should stay away from the water. Even on overcast days, as much as 80 percent of the sun's harmful radiation can still penetrate the clouds.

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