Side Effects

Its safety for children under age 12 has not been established. Because benzoyl peroxide is a bleach, it will discolor most fabrics and hair. Most patients experience some burning, itching, or peeling, but benzoyl peroxide can produce a stronger reaction in some people with very sensitive or very fair skin. It is normal to experience a warm or stinging feeling, with some dryness or peeling, but if the skin turns very red, or there is pain, a lot of scaling, and swelling, an adverse reaction has occurred and the product should not be used.

The stronger the product, the greater the chance of a reaction. Benzoyl peroxide should never be applied near the eyes, where it can cause swelling or irritation. Hands should be thoroughly washed after using the product, and eyes should never be rubbed with contaminated fingers.

Some studies have reported that benzoyl peroxide is carcinogenic, although this conclusion is controversial and inconclusive.

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