Some research suggests that the chicken pox vaccine may reduce the risk of later developing shingles.

sibling rivalry The natural feelings of competition among siblings that can flare into squabbles and bickering are completely normal and can help children learn valuable lessons in getting along with others and settling differences. However, sibling rivalry can become a problem if the rivalry escalates unchecked into severe physical violence, verbal abuse and harassment, or if parents expect their children to get along together perfectly at all times or if parents consistently take sides against one child.

Learning to cope with disagreements and disputes with brothers and sisters can help to promote several important skills, such as how to compromise and negotiate and control aggressive feelings. However, while some degree of sibling conflict can help teach life skills, parents must keep conflict under control.

Conflict among siblings is influenced by the personalities of all the children in the family, especially those who lack skills in language or social interaction. Recent research suggests that the family dynamics also can affect sibling conflict, and it is less likely to be a problem if parents model ways to solve problems and disagreements in ways that are respectful, productive, and not aggressive. Keeping sibling rivalry to a minimum is also easier

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