Avoiding upper respiratory infections during cold and flu season may help prevent laryngitis. This can be done by thorough hand-washing, avoiding others with infections, and wiping surfaces in the home when people are sick.

latex allergy Allergic responses to latex (rubber) products are fairly common among children and can range from mild irritation to life-threatening reaction. it is an extremely common compound found in many products, including underwear bands, rubber gloves, toys, elastic bandages, baby bottle nipples, pacifiers, and balloons. Anyone with a latex allergy should avoid exposure to all products that contain latex, but children most at risk are those with birth defects requiring multiple surgeries early in life. Between two and eight percent of the population are allergic to latex.

The first incidents of latex allergy in the United States were reported in 1988. Numbers had increased to at least 500,000 by 1992. Between 1990 and January 1991, nine children at a children's hospital in Milwaukee had anaphylactic reactions within 30 minutes after general anesthesia was started but before any surgical incisions had been made. The latex connection was the anesthe sia equipment and intravenous catheters. Eight of the children required intensive care.

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51 Ways to Reduce Allergies

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