Scientists have identified the genetic makeup of the virus, which may help speed up the development of an effective immunization, although this is likely to take some time.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) emphasizes that children do not need to restrict their activities, except as they relate to official travel alerts. Likewise, youngsters who have been exposed to someone who is not ill but has traveled to an area affected by SARS do not need to be isolated.

sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Contagious diseases usually transmitted during genital contact. In the United States the most commonly reported infections are sexually transmitted, and the incidence has risen over the past 20 years despite improved methods of diagnosis and treatment. Once known as "venereal diseases," these conditions are sometimes acquired in childhood as a result of child abuse. Some of the major sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are also transmitted by blood.

STDs affect boys and girls of all backgrounds and economic levels and are most common among teenagers and young adults. Nearly two-thirds of

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