Perinatal Stroke

Perinatal (or "prenatal") stroke includes strokes that occur between the 28 weeks of gestation and the 28 days after birth. Stroke occurs more frequently in the perinatal and prenatal age group than in older children.

Some perinatal strokes are caused by inherited clotting disorders or coagulation abnormalities that make the infant more likely to have a blood clot. Congenital heart disease and sickle-cell disease are common causes of stroke in children. No cause can be detected in about a fifth of the children with ischemic stroke, but many of these children seem to recover well after birth.

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Getting Back Into Shape After The Pregnancy

Once your pregnancy is over and done with, your baby is happily in your arms, and youre headed back home from the hospital, youll begin to realize that things have only just begun. Over the next few days, weeks, and months, youre going to increasingly notice that your entire life has changed in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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