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Researchers are studying ways to use gene therapy to treat hemophilia by using a genetically engineered virus to deliver beneficial genes. Gene therapy is a novel form of disease treatment in which the active agent is a sequence of DNA, instead of the proteins or small molecules now used as drugs.

hemorrhagic colitis See Escherichia coli 0157:H7.

hepatitis The description for inflammation of the liver. Children most commonly are diagnosed with hepatitis A, which is considered to be a food-borne illness. However, a number of specific viruses cause different versions of hepatitis that have been given alphabetical names to distinguish them, beginning with A and ending in G. Although the viruses are unrelated to each other, they act in similar ways, attacking and damaging the liver.

The various hepatitis viruses differ in their likelihood of producing chronic infection. For example, hepatitis A infection is not usually serious, whereas hepatitis B and C can lead to liver failure and death. When the liver is damaged, it cannot excrete the waste substance called bilirubin, which then builds up in the blood. This causes a yellow tinge to skin and eyes, called jaundice.

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