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between five months and nine months. it affects between one and four infants out of 1,000 and is two to three times more common in boys.

Causes in infants the causes of intussusception are unknown. Some experts believe that the problem is caused by the aftereffects of a viral intestinal infection. Viral infections can cause swelling of the infection-fighting lymph tissue that normally lines the intestine. Because intussusception is seen most often in spring and fall, this seems to suggest a possible connection to the kinds of viruses children catch at these times.

When an older child or adult develops intussusception, it is often the result of a tumor or polyp in the intestine.

Symptoms intussusception usually triggers loud, anguished crying from the intense pain, as the baby draws the knees to the chest. Other common symptoms include vomiting, fever, irritability, lethargy, abdominal swelling, shallow breathing or grunting, and constipation. There may be some blood and mucus mixed with the stools.

in some babies with intussusception the pain may come and go, and in between pains the infant may stop crying. However, the pain always returns. Over time, an infant can become weak and suffer from severe dehydration or shock.

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