Human granulocytic ehrlichiosis HGE


Human Growth Foundation A nonprofit, volunteer organization dedicated to helping children and adults with disorders of growth and growth hormone through research, education, support, and advocacy. The Human Growth Foundation (HGF) includes concerned parents and friends of children with growth problems and interested health professionals.

The foundation was established in 1965 by five families of children with growth disorders. Their primary purpose was to identify other parents and children with similar problems, and to seek support for research and treatment, principally for growth hormone deficiency.

Today, with the advent of synthetic growth hormone for humans, the foundation has broadened its goals to encompass many other growth disorders. The foundation has more than 1,000 members in 30 chapters and publishes a quarterly newsletter and multiple booklets. HGF also sponsors "starter grants" to encourage research in both physical and psychosocial areas of growth disorders. HGF also sponsors internet support lists and a chat room for parents of children, and adults, with growth disorders; and a Parent-to-Parent Program for parents who desire one-on-one contact with other parents outside of the context of the chapters. (For contact information, see Appendix I.)

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