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cially in the presence of inconsistent rules and harsh discipline, lack of enough supervision or guidance, frequent change in caregivers, poverty, neglect or abuse, and a delinquent peer group.


Because antisocial behavior in children and adolescents is very hard to change after it has become ingrained, the earlier the problem is identified and treated the better. Some recent studies have focused on promising ways to prevent conduct disorder among children and adolescents who are at risk for developing the disorder, since most children with conduct disorder are probably reacting to events and situations in their lives.

conjunctivitis The medical name for "pinkeye," an inflammation of the transparent membrane covering the white of the eye. This common infection of childhood, also referred to as a "cold in the eye," causes redness, discomfort, and a discharge from the eye.


Most conjunctivitis is caused by bacteria (staphylococci) spread by hand-to-eye contact, or by viruses associated with a cold, sore throat, or illness such as measles. Viral conjunctivitis can spread like wildfire through schools and other group settings.

Newborns sometimes contract a type of conjunctivitis called neonatal ophthalmia, caused by infection in the mother's cervix during birth from either gonorrhea, genital herpes, or chlamydia. The infection may spread to the entire eye and cause blindness.


All types of conjunctivitis lead to redness, itchy, scratchy feelings, discharge, and photophobia (dislike of bright lights). There may be so much discharge that the eyelids stick together in the morning.


Antibiotic eye drops or ointments are given if a bacterial infection is suspected; however, this will not cure a viral infection. Warm water may wash away the discharge and remove crusts; in babies, the eye may be washed with sterile saline. In addition to eye drops, the discharge must be cleaned from the eyes, on an hourly basis for the first day.

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