Cold sore 121

• headache and stiff neck (could be a sign of meningitis)

• headache and sore throat (could be a sign of strep throat)


A cold usually lasts for about 10 days, although it can range from three days to several weeks. A doctor should be consulted if the child still feels sick after 10 days, or if the child's face starts to swell or the teeth become extremely sensitive. These symptoms can signal a bacterial infection in the sinuses or middle ear.

When the sinuses become clogged with nasal secretions, they may become infected with bacteria. While antibiotics will not touch a cold, they will be effective in treating this type of secondary bacterial infection.

Colds also may trigger ASTHMA attacks in children with this condition, or they may lead to a middle ear infection. Pneumonia may also set in at the end of a cold. A child who suddenly develops a fever after the cold symptoms seem to be going away should see a doctor.

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