Time to Event

In clinical trials patients are recruited over a period and followed up to a fixed date or possible event such as death or recurrence of a tumour (negative), conception or discharge from hospital (usually positive) or cessation of breast feeding (neutral). The time between recruitment and the event is 'time to event' or survival (even when death is not the event in question). Subjects in the trial who survive to the fixed date but for whom the event has not occurred are said to have a censored survival time.

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New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

New Mothers Guide to Breast Feeding

For many years, scientists have been playing out the ingredients that make breast milk the perfect food for babies. They've discovered to day over 200 close compounds to fight infection, help the immune system mature, aid in digestion, and support brain growth - nature made properties that science simply cannot copy. The important long term benefits of breast feeding include reduced risk of asthma, allergies, obesity, and some forms of childhood cancer. The more that scientists continue to learn, the better breast milk looks.

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