Capacity Utilization

The extent to which the capacity of an organization like a hospital is actually being used. For hospitals, a common measure is the fraction of beds filled.

40 Capital Capital

Viewed variously as a physical stock of assets (buildings, land plant, equipment and so on) which can earn income or generate utility, as a stock of financial assets (government bills, equities, bank balances and so on), or as the present value of the net value of a flow of services over time that a particular asset or programme may yield. Capital (a stock) is measured at a point in time in contrast to investment (a flow), which takes place through time. Human capital is the stock of valuable resources embodied in a human being, not all of which are (or ought to be) marketable. Health can be seen as an element in human capital which can depreciate and be invested in. Selling one's stock of human capital (in contrast to selling its flow) is one way of defining (voluntary) slavery, though this is more commonly called 'indenture'.

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