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Pure Reiki Healing MasterBy Owen Coleman

The Pure Reiki Healing Mastery program is a natural step by step kit that help you gain mental as well as physical health in life. It will not only help you gain mental health, but will also help you to cure other people with just the touch of your hand. Owen Coleman, the author claims to have developed his method to go back to the original intent of its founderhence the term Pure Reiki. The course not just helps people balance their emotional energy, but also let them obtain necessary energy that are required in curing various physical diseases. It gives their body the ability and their mind the capacity of healing themselves. It helps to regulate the critical life energy force flow and channel, and to remove any blockage. There are many healing techniques that focus mainly on both the physical and mental illness. However, no other method has proven to be as effective as reiki healing energy. Once you buy and downlaod the PDF eBook and follow the process as prescribed, you will definitely get to enjoy the wonders of non-medicated and non-surgical therapies. Continue reading...

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The writer presents a well detailed summery of the major headings. As a professional in this field, I must say that the points shared in this book are precise.

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Syntheses of the Healing Methods

The history of medicine shows that the alternative approaches to healing were competing with one another as much as with orthodox medicine. Although they kept their distance or fulminated against each other, there were also frequent attempts at bringing the healing methods together and taking medicine further. It was Emanuel Felke who united the fundamental principles of two alternative healing systems and pleaded for the synthesis of different methods. Hahnemann had not restricted himself either to medicinal treatment, but had included dietetics in his therapy concept and had been open to new cures such as hydrotherapy. We will now describe the motives that inspired orthodox physicians such as August Bier and HansHeinrich Reckeweg to promote the integration of different healing systems.

Case Study The Exogen Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System

The Exogen Sonic Accelerated Fracture Healing System (SAFHS) shown in Fig. 1 was introduced into the market in 1994. At that time, the FDA indication was limited to the acceleration of the time to heal fresh fractures of the distal radius and tibia. These fractures had to be orthopedically managed by closed reduction and cast immobilization.

Energy Balancing

Meridians are invisible pathways through which energy or life force flows in the human body. These channels are connected to specific organs that can become diseased if the energy to them is blocked. Acupressure, shiatsu, qigong, t'ai chi, and polarity therapy use various techniques in restoring energy flow. Acupressure manipulates the same points as acupuncture but uses the hands and fingers instead of needles. Shiatsu is a Japanese therapy and a form of acupressure. Qigong is practiced by millions in China. It is a system of gentle exercise and breathing techniques that restore the circulation of energy. The theory behind qigong is that the energy or life force that is inherent in all matter has two aspects, yin and yang. Illness, whether physical or emotional, develops when the energy flow between these two opposites moves out of balance or is depleted. Because of its ease and slowness, qigong can be practiced by all ages including the elderly, helping them maintain their strength...

Energy Therapies

Reiki is a Japanese word that comes from rei, meaning universal spirit, and ki, meaning life energy. Reiki is an ancient healing method that was revitalized in the 1800s by the Buddhist monk Hichau Mikao Usui. Practitioners believe that the health benefits of Reiki come from a universal life energy that they are able to channel to patients. Reiki masters position their hands in twelve to fifteen different places on the individual's body and hold them in each place for two to five minutes. They may put their hands directly on the person (who is wearing clothes) or hold their hands one to two inches above the person's flesh. Sometimes masters use a technique called sweeping, which is passing their hands over the person to detect areas of energy disruption. There are five basic principles of Reiki Reiki advocates believe that the treatments leave them enlightened, with improved mental clarity, well-being, and spirituality. It has been proposed that Reiki may lower heart rate and...

Lesion mechanisms of dry needling

Needling is both a physical disturbance to soft tissue and a minute biological traumatic inoculation into soft tissue. The physical movement and manipulation of the needles in deep tissues increases the tension of the muscle fibers and connective tissue and creates the effect of mechanical signal transduction, which leads to self-healing. The brain identifies the traumatic lesion in the soft tissue and directs biological systems, including the cardiovascular, immune and endocrine systems, to replace the damaged tissue with the same type of fresh tissue within a few days. In this way self-healing starts in the needling location. In addition to this local healing effect, the lesion induces systemic It should be emphasized that dry needling, as a nonpharmaceutical modality, promotes self-healing by reducing the mechanical and biological stress of the body. Some patients with soft-tissue pain will achieve self-healing without any medical intervention after a sufficient period of time....

Potential Conflicts Arising from Allocation of Resources to Traditional Health Care Services

Health insurance coverage can lead to a substantial increase in the use of traditional medical services. In a Korean immigrant population in Los Angeles, 24 of the uninsured used traditional healers, compared with 59 of persons with Medicaid only and 71 of those with other types of insurance including Medicare and Medigap coverage. In New Zealand, which has a long tradition of universal insurance for medical and hospital services, a number of Maori organizations, as noted earlier, signed contracts with regional health authorities to provide primary health care, resulting in an increased number of Maori-controlled services throughout the country. New Zealand has allowed the registration of more than 600 Maori traditional healers and the government reimburses their services under health insurance schemes. It has been argued that the New Zealand experience showcases the importance of a funder-purchaser-provider separation and shows that this can be beneficial to indigenous health...

The Genesis of This Book

During her teen years, Madeline Crivello had watched her mother successfully battle breast cancer. The experience would change the course of Madeline's life, as she decided to become a healer herself. Following her graduation from medical school, she specialized in radiology. But, as sometimes happens with cancer, the family legacy came back to haunt Dr. Crivello. On the eve of her fortieth birthday, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Crivello, unlike her mother, was told by her oncologist right from the start that she had a terrible prognosis. She was informed that she had a 5 percent chance of living another five years and a 0 percent chance of surviving the next ten years. I knew that no one was going to help me to physically heal after cancer treatment. Dr. Crivello had a similar experience, and countless others have as well. Time is a great healer, but I was an impatient patient. I wanted to heal faster and I wanted to be stronger. In short, I wanted to heal optimally. I...

Athletes Expect More Than Pain Relief

What is unique about working with athletes Most seek medical attention at first for pain relief, which in most cases can be successfully accomplished because their well-trained bodies have maintained good self-healing potential. Whereas pain relief is enough for most nonathletic patients, athletes expect more than that. For them, pain relief is just a beginning. What they are seeking after suffering injury is to restore not only their original physical capability but also to acquire a level of good health that will minimize further injuries. I have seen elite athletes whose physical pain has ended as a result of conventional medical intervention, but so has their sports career. Many of these athletes may have had brighter and longer sports careers if they were properly treated, and even the injuries they suffered could have been prevented if proper procedures had been adopted sufficiently early. It is clear that if clinicians focus only on pain relief for athletes, they risk ignoring...

Isdn As An Effective Tool In Conventional Sports Medicine

ISDN, if properly used, does not conflict with conventional sports medicine. In cases in which surgery cannot be avoided, ISDN does not replace conventional medical procedures such as physical therapy or surgery. Surgery may be followed by pain, swelling, deficient microcirculation, inflammation, soft tissue tension, adhesion of soft tissues, and restricted range of motion of joints. These conditions hinder the self-healing process that must take place after surgery. ISDN, combined with other rehabilitation modalities such as physical therapy, is a powerful method for accelerating this healing.

Modern Health Science

Medical science has moved along in the same pathway and in the past 60 years we have witnessed tremendous advances. Probably all systems of healing, whether developing in the East or in the West, started in the same way, i.e., a mixture between religious idol worship (close to superstition) and reflections on observations of animal behavior. Thus religious rituals were often enriched with special inserts that were installed for the maintenance of human health. Animals possessed instincts for self-healing. Our ancesteral hunters and farmers made intelligent observations on animals around them and started applying the same ''healing method.'' Enthusiasts would move from animal to human trials, usually self-administered trials of herbs and minerals that were believed to be ''probably'' doing good for a certain ailment or health problem. It was not coincidental that nearly identical legendary figures appeared historically in the history of medicine of many cultures, like Greek, Egyptian,...

Choosing the Right Treatment for

I encourage all cancer survivors to do what I did myself, and what I tell my patients and my loved ones to do first and foremost seek treatment with medical doctors, including a primary care physician and an oncologist, who will provide the most up-to-date information on the particular condition. At the end of the book there is a list of resources that can be helpful in finding the right care. A medical doctor who specializes in rehabilitation medicine (a physiatrist) can also be a wonderful resource during the recovery period (see Table 5.1 for more information about this medical specialty). I respect the right of people to choose the kind of care they want to pursue, but I hope you will become as educated as possible about the options. If you don't feel comfortable with your doctor, for whatever reason, get a second or even a third opinion. Find traditional healers you can trust they are out there.

Clinical Mechanisms of Integrative Systemic Dry Needling

ISDN is a unique therapy because it entails the use of fine needles to inoculate minute intrusive traumas, or lesions, into soft tissues to activate self-healing processes. When a needle is inserted into the human body, it breaks the skin the first defense line of the immune system and then inoculates lesions into all the soft tissues it encounters, including muscle fibers, nerve endings, blood vessels, fascias, tendons, ligaments, and even periosteum. Lesions remain when the needle is removed. The human biologic system activates all possible physiologic mechanisms to repair the lesions inoculated by needling.

Why Patients Respond Differently To The Same Isdn Treatment

As mentioned previously, ISDN activates the built-in survival mechanism of the human body to achieve self-healing for many different pathologic conditions. Thus ISDN is effective for any symptoms that can be partially or completely healed through the biologic regulatory mechanisms of the body. Humans inherit self-healing potential for biologic survival. However, this potential to self-heal is considerably affected by stress level, medical his tory, nutrition, and lifestyle, as well as by genetic endowment and age. Each person, therefore, has a different self-healing capacity, and this potential for self-healing is also changing dynamically. It deteriorates in people who abuse their health, and it improves in those who take good care of themselves. The efficacy of ISDN therapy, therefore, depends on two factors 1. The level of self-healing potential of the body Modern medical diagnosis can provide the necessary information about the nature of the symptoms and diseases, but individual...

The Nccam Classification of CAM Therapies

Examples of CAM therapies in each of the five categories are described in this section (this is not a complete list of CAM therapies by any means). Note that even for CAM treatments that are believed to generally be safe, it is usually not advisable for someone with an unstable psychiatric diagnosis to use them. In addition, as I mentioned earlier, none of these healing methods should take the place of conventional medicine, especially when the underlying diagnosis is cancer. Rather they should be used, if at all, in conjunction with conventional medicine.

Scarring and Fibrogenesis

After injury, self-healing proceeds in three stages inflammation, cellular regeneration and differentiation, and tissue replacement. During this process, primordial cells and fibroblast cells are produced. They secrete fibrogen for the construction of tissue fibers. Usually the formation of connective fibers predominates over formation of muscle, capillary, and capsule tissues. Some of this scar tissue will be absorbed and some will persist, which may cause permanent dysfunction of the organs and soft tissue.

Clinical Studies With Chinese Herbal Formulas

No discussion on using natural immunostimulant compounds in cancer therapy would be complete without some consideration of the many clinical studies that have been done in China. Studies have been conducted on the combined use of chemotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as on the anticancer use of Chinese herbal medicine alone. The majority of herbal formulas used in the Chinese studies were composed primarily of immunostimulant herbs such as those in Table 12.1 (for example, most formulas included Astragalus or ginseng or both). In Chinese herbal medicine, most of these herbs are considered tonics for the qi, or vital energy.a (For contents of the herbal formulas mentioned below, see Table H.2 in Appendix H for more information on the theory of using Chinese herbs in cancer treatment, see reference 68).

Table 61 Some Experts Recommendations on CAM Therapies

Cancer patients most commonly try special dietary regimens, herbs, homeopathy, hypnosis, imagery, meditation, megadoses of vitamins, relaxation, and spiritual healing. Progressive muscle relaxation, imagery, hypnosis, prayer, and meditation are all reasonable to try. They may help reduce stress and pain and have essentially no side effects. Some treatments, such as massage and acupuncture, are usually fine to try, though in rare instances your doctor may not want you to use them. For example, if your immune system has been suppressed by cancer treatment or if you are taking anticoagulants, then both massage and acupuncture may be unwise (not always check with your doctor). If you have extremely brittle bones from osteoporosis, then deep-tissue massage might not be the best treatment for you to try. Some doctors also recommend that you not have massage over an area where you had or have a tumor. Yoga is usually well tolerated unless extreme positions are used. Check with your doctor...

Iiihistory Of G Lucidum As A Medicinal Mushroom

The first book wholly devoted to the description of herbs and their medicinal value is called Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing, written in the Eastern Han dynasty of China (a.d. 25-220). This book is also known as Classic of the Materia Medica or Shen-nong's Herbal Classic and describes botanical, zoological, and mineral substances. It was composed in the second century under the pseudonym of Shen-nong, the Holy Farmer (31). The book, which has been continually updated and extended, describes the beneficial effects of several mushrooms and there is reference to the medicinal mushroom G. lucidum (4,11,31). In the book Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (''Supplement to Classic of Materia Medica,'' a.d. 502-536) and in the Ben Cao Gang Mu by Li Shin-Zhen, which is considered to be the first pharmacopoeia in China (a.d. 1590, Ming dynasty), the mushroom was attributed with certain medicinal effects, including tonifying effects, enhancing vital energy and strengthening cardiac function, increasing memory, and...

Safety of Synergistic Combinations

There is also a precedent for safely using large combinations of natural compounds, including combinations that contain some of the compounds in this book. Both Chinese herbal medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient healing system of India, have been using large combinations of natural compounds for centuries, if not thousands of years. For example, in Chinese herbal medicine, single herbs are rarely prescribed, but combinations of 4 to 12 herbs are commonly employed. Considering that each herb may contain multiple active compounds, this is a large mix of compounds. The efficacy and safety of many of these formulas have been borne out by modern Chinese investigations.

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians AANP

The word naturopathy was first coined in the United States around 100 years ago and refers to a holistic way of treating illness using the natural healing forces present in the human body. According to the philosophical basis of naturopathy, healing occurs naturally in the human body if it is given what it needs, such as a proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest. As with other holistic healing systems, the emphasis is not on finding a disease and curing it, but rather on helping the body establish what is considered to be its own state of good health. Traditional naturopaths do not diagnose or treat disease but instead focus on health and education. Naturopaths employ a wide range of herbal medicines, from a variety of herbal traditions.

Dietary Fats and Oils and Cholesterol

Dietary fat serves critical functions in the human body. It provides a concentrated source of energy, slightly more than twice per gram than protein or carbohydrate. For this reason, the causes of energy imbalances are often attributed to this component of the diet. However, definitive data in this area are lacking.

Pathological Concepts

Classical naturopathy was inspired by humoral pathology,307 but its concept was based on the idea that the body takes in substances from the outside and uses them before excreting them in a modified form. Metabolism, according to this theory, served the constant restoration of the body which it compared to a machine that was continuously maintaining and renewing itself.308 The Dresden naturopath Friedrich Eduard Bilz (1842-1922) was of the opinion that the body's building blocks completely renewed themselves within ten years. Metabolism was steered and controlled by the vital force.309 Unlike scientific medicine, neither traditional naturopathy nor classical homoeopathy knew clearly defined organ diseases.310 The human body was seen as an indivisible unity.311 Naturopathic healers thought that any disease could be reduced to foreign substances, which they often also called toxins.312 These substances that harmed the body were taken in with foods or in As soon as the toxin had entered...

Dance Movements for Stress Reduction

Rhythm, which one develops through dance, does play a factor in the treatment of the mouth. You can massage with your brush, floss, and other oral products using a fashionable dance rhythm. The tedium of oral care will be reduced, and you will send healing energy through this rhythm from your hands to your mouth.

Felkes Pathological Concept

Felke envisaged that the human being should advance to the point that, at least from the age of forty, he could be his own physician and healer. Kramer (1986), p. 9. Like many naturopaths Felke argued that disease was simply the expression of the body's immune system in which the natural healing force had become active.339 The individual organs acted as valves through which the engine, i.e. the body, disposed of all superfluous matter. The body suffered when strong toxins such as drugs suppressed its defence mechanism or caused further strain. Felke thought that the failure of one organ would affect others as well. The mistreatment of one organ would upset the whole organism just as caring for the whole organism by taking walks and baths etc. would benefit each part of the body. Toxins, especially malignant ones, were not immediately deposited as solids or fluids but appeared first only as vapours. Flatulence, dizziness and bloatedness he considered to be...

Bentonite Clay Toxic Bowel Aide

Bentonite clay is a temporary adsorbent. The toxins attach themselves to the clay. They are not absorbed. The toxins, regardless of the source, are eliminated in bowel movements. I generally suggest one every 15 minutes until the loose stools cease. This remedy is especially useful for individuals who have an electrolyte level condition, kidney challenges, blood pressure, or diabetes. Always have the physician of your choice monitor your health. The body is self healing the clay accelerates the process.

Aromatherapy and Its Use in Gum Therapy

The aromas of flower and herb essences have healing effects on the body. This can be related to the mind-body healing system. Have you noticed that some scents make you feel good and that you are repelled by others Aromatherapy can be used either in private practice or in your home. Aromatherapy uses essential oils to aid in healing. These oils are the natural distilled essences of plants, herbs, and flowers considered to be the heart and soul of the plant.

Risk Factors for Childhood Obesity

There is no clear evidence that obese individuals eat more or exercise less than their nonobese peers. Methods of measuring energy intakes and outputs are not precise when used over time and in community settings. The range of normal requirements and normal basal metabolic rates is large and obscures the energy imbalances of individuals. However, for the individual, obesity occurs when energy intake (food) exceeds the energy expenditure (basal metabolism, physical activity, growth, counteracting infection, maintaining body temperature, and ther-modynamic action of food).

Opium Controls And Growth Of The Medical Profession

Physician with advanced training and specialized knowledge were anxious to differentiate themselves from a motley group of healers chemists, herbalists, barber-dentists, patent-medicine sellers, and others. In the 1850s, such persons could provide opiates to patients since they were not then illegal, and preparations containing opiates provided substantial revenues. Opium eating and Laudanum (an alcoholic solution of opiates) consumption were then widespread in Britain.

Table 121 Prayers for Healing

Send me, O God, your healing, so that I may quickly recover from the illness that has come upon me. Sustain my spirit, relieve my pain and restore me to perfect health, happiness and strength. Grant unto my body your healing power so I may continue to be able to bear testimony to your everlasting mercy and love, for you, O Lord, art a faithful and merciful healer. (This nondenominational example was selected by the pastoral care staff at the Mount Zion Medical Center, which is affiliated with the University of California at San Francisco.)

Brush and Toned Massage

Take the side of the brush and direct it to the gums. Then shimmy the brush back and forth using your own healing energy. I say healing energy' because we all have healing energy (see chapter 6). I had a nurse in and she thanked me for helping her connect with her mouth. She said that the mouth was a mystery to her and she was afraid of hurting herself. If you see blood on the brush, do not fear. The tissue might be loose and spongy, and brushing with a gentle massage will help the circulation of the gum tissue. Good circulation brings healing cells to the surface to tighten and strengthen the gum tissue. If your gums are loose and spongy, then food and bacteria can lodge under the gum, causing loose irritated tissue. You therefore must cleanse and massage the gum tissue.

The Literature On

Tronic versions of their own in-house collection of specialized bibliographic resources. More specialized nonbibliographic factual databases can now also be easily accessed on the Web, making available hard-to-find data such as chemical constituents and medicinal uses of medicinal plants as part of traditional healing systems.

Helping Remedies Work

A homeopathic remedy helps the body heal itself. This self-healing can be encouraged, and future health and well-being promoted, by a series of measures put into place alongside the treatment (see below). The importance of a good, balanced diet and adequate exercise is obvious, but many other aspects of a persons life, such as how they combine work and play, whether or not they have a network of family and friends, and their general outlook on life, can help or hinder healing. Touch therapies pressure or massage for relaxation, relief of ailments, and promotion of health (for example, aromatherapy, reflexology). Movement therapies for increased vitality and promotion of self-healing (for example, tai chi, yoga, dance movement therapy).

How to Work with a Conventional Dental Practitioner in Natural Healing

Not all dentists employ or are natural healers themselves. It is more the norm to have a dentist work in a conventional style. If you have selected a conventional dentist and still wish to use his or her services, then I would suggest that you locate a holistic dental hygienist in addition to help you reverse gum disease naturally.

A bridge built on perseverance

In 20001 invited a group of healers into my playroom and brought them one child at a time, my little friend included. They were silently sitting in the four corners of the playroom. When he chose to approach them they played with him. They only wanted to see if their unconditional love could be helpful. After about half an hour my little friend felt something, stood up and said, 'I can hear.' I have learned from this group of healers (people who knew nothing about autism but knew plenty about unconditional love) that sitting silently around a child, not doing while keeping company, had its own value and that shared silences could lead to a child talking unaided.

Homoeopathy and Homotoxicology

As the homotoxin that caused the disease is, in most cases, not known, a similar homotoxin has to be used to stimulate the defence system according to Reckeweg the homoeopathic simile. The simile excites the disturbed life force which explains the impressive defence effect that is often observed after application of the right homoeopathic remedy. The body is given a mirror-image toxin in a potentised form. Homotoxicology also confirms the Arndt-Schulz-rule diluted active agents, i.e. homoeopathi-cally diluted homotoxins, excite life processes in a specifically antihomotoxic way.737 Because the dilutions are no longer toxic, no additional disease symptoms or toxin defence processes are provoked by the antihomotoxic remedy. The causative homotoxins can be neutralised by the newly mobilised defence mechanisms and this happens via the Greater Defence System.738

Different Perspectives On Living With An Illness

Although I am in excellent general health (with a little arthritis), I have had a few bumps and bruises along the sugar road. In 1975, I went through a rather scary time with proliferative retinopathy. Lasers were still very new and technology was minimal. Luckily, I found a healer in Dr. Charles Campbell at the Harkness Eye Institute at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. He saved my eyes. I have met many physicians over the years, but only a few I consider healers. Dr. Campbell was the first. As a result of all the powerful laser and cryotherapies when I was diagnosed, along with good diabetes management, my eyesight still serves me well today. There are a few reminders left such as poor night vision, poor left peripheral vision, and shaky depth perception. These things, though, are a small price to pay and a petty inconvenience.

Recommended Treatment Policies

Acupuncture The art of acupuncture is an ancient and integral part of the armamentarium used in China for the treatment of medical problems. Acupuncture consists of the insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific points intended, according to traditional Chinese medicine, to influence specific body functions or body parts. In the traditional Chinese view of the body, life energy, (chi), circulates through pathways blockage of the pathways leads to deficiency of chi, or disease. The goal of the traditional acupuncturist is to open up the pathways and stimulate the movement of chi. The specific points for needle insertion are based on traditional anatomy maps that depict which pathways affect which body functions.

Internationalcultural Perspectives On Quality Of Life

Some perceptions and cultural beliefs find the Chinese population to perceive that cancer is infectious, and related to certain excessive behaviors. In studies related to gynecological cancer, women believed that the cancer will recur if they have sex after treatment or that sex will cause the cancer to progress.32,36 On the other hand,most of time the traditional healers or folk practitioners are able to spend more time with their patients attending to personal and social issues of helping the individual, for example, regain the balance in life, the balance that Chinese healers believe becomes disrupted and seen as producing the tumor (Traditional Chinese medicine does not use the concept of cancer, but it does use the concept of tumor.)37 This time spent with the patient addressing this imbalance may culturally be more of what a cancer survivor may require.38 For example, folk healers are typically closer in social class to the patients they are working with, and the emphasis on...

The Discovery Of Auriculotherapy

Auricular Acupuncture

A century later auricular cauterization was brought back to light and ear acupuncture had a new lease of scientific life. The years 1950-51 were important ones for the French physician Paul Nogier of Lyons (1908-1996). Nogier was impressed by the scar on the anthelix borne by some patients who had been treated for sciatica by healers in south-eastern France. The unanimous tale of these patients was that of a rapid recovery from pain within hours, or even minutes, after treatment. An evident connection between cauterization and the alleviation of pain could not be denied and Dr Nogier, without preconception, started treating patients in the same way. At first he applied cauterizations and later a less harmful method such as pins or acupuncture

Cauterization Of The

Cauterize Ear

Another excellent witness, not so many decades later, was the anatomist Antonio Valsalva (16661723), who performed the first rigorous and documented differentiation between outer, middle and inner ear. In his book,6 based, according to his biographers, on 16 years of tireless work dissecting more than 1000 human skulls, particular mention is made of cauterizations carried out by healers on the posterior part of the lobe with the aim of treating toothache. Valsalva wrote Fig. 1.3 The site (arrow) of cauterization for toothache according to Valsalva.6 'H Locus, ubi ramus cujus ustio a quibusdam practicis ad tollendam odontalgiam proponitur, certius uretur ('H The site where the branch was more certainly burned by some healers for treating toothache'). Fig. 1.3 The site (arrow) of cauterization for toothache according to Valsalva.6 'H Locus, ubi ramus cujus ustio a quibusdam practicis ad tollendam odontalgiam proponitur, certius uretur ('H The site where the branch was more certainly...

Growing Rare And Endangered Plants In Botanical Gardens And Arboreta How Is It Done

Sustainable economic development and use of ethnobotanicals by the peoples of Amazonia (see Figures 9.11 to 9.24). As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, ACEER offers a wide range of education and research programs. In the area of education annual credit and noncredit bearing workshops on rainforest ecology, environmental education, pharmacy from the rainforest, and shamanic healing techniques and medicines are offered. The ACEER also hosts student interns, master's, doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from major universities

Emanuel Felke and his Therapeutic Concept Homoeopathy and Naturopathy

Naturopathy.316 From a very early age he had witnessed severe illness in his family. As his father had generally treated him and his siblings successfully with homoeopathic remedies Felke had always been enthusiastic about Hahnemann's methods. Throughout his life Felke remained devoted to his beloved and good homoeopathy which he called the backbone of his healing system.317 What in Felkes method is his own spiritual property Nothing at all. He puts homoeopathy and natural healing into one pot. There is nothing original about his eye diagnosis either, he copied it from Lilljequist. What is left is the commercial aspect which is decidedly original. Natural healing methods, Kneipps clay, Lilljequists eye diagnosis, Justs fountain of youth and on top of that a few dozen homoeopathic remedies, the newest nutrient salts, the famous Kuester ointment' in which we find a small remnant of allopathy as well. My dearest, what more can you ask 327

Energetic Relations of Teeth continued

But you do not have to depend on someone else for a healing therapeutic touch. Tissue control starts with good manual dexterity an ability also needed when you massage your gums with your brush. As you know, therapeutic healing is the transference of healing energy from your hands to the area that needs healing. How do you go about doing this First, if you love what you are doing, then you will do it well, and the extra heart-filled or healing energy will help you to reverse your gum condition naturally. How many people just brush their teeth because they know they have to How many really get into the brushing of their teeth A dentist I know says he loves to brush his teeth and massage his gums. It takes him approximately four minutes in the morning and four minutes in the evening. Do you feel this way about brushing your teeth and massaging your gums If you don't, it's time to change how you feel. Are you using healing therapeutic arts to reverse your gum disease naturally Now that...

Ruta graveolens L Rutaceae Herb of Grace Common

Induration Insect Bites

Traditional Medicinal Uses Consumption of beets (Beta vulgaris) combined with molasses from S. officinarum, is used by Dominican healers to shrink fibroids or to strengthen and fortify the uterus after the fibroid had been drained from the body. 10 The cane juice promotes expulsion of phlegm from the respiratory passages, stimulates gastric activities, treats wounds, ulcers and boils. 11

Conflicts Between Allopathic Medicine And Herbalists

Health professionals most frequently criticize herbal practitioners for what they see as a lack of scientific evidence indicating that herbal remedies are effective. They are also disturbed by what they view as an entrenched antiscientific attitude among many practicing herbalists. To someone trained in the methodology of Western scientific medicine, some of the writing about herbs can seem decidedly flaky, with an aura of mysticism and mythology and links to the New Age movement, with its beliefs in astrology, crystals, and Tarot cards. Health professionals also object to some of the basic tenets of traditional herbalism, such as the belief in the superiority of herbs over conventional drugs, the activation of the body's healing system by herbs, a belief in the synergistic, or combined, activities of several herbal constituents, and an insistence that knowledge handed down from generation to generation can be as valid as that gleaned from clinical trials.1,2

Hans Heinrich Reckewegs Pathology and Therapy Concept

After the war Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg (1905-1985) was among the physicians who advocated a holistic medical concept.702 He, on the one hand, intensely researched and collected a vast amount of scientific material thus laying the foundation for a synthesis and, on the other hand, applied alternative healing methods, homoeopathy in particular, in his therapies. He amalgamated the insights of generations of scientists, as Karl Kotschau (1892-1982) expressed it with reference to August Bier, into a harmonious order of medical knowledge.703 While studying in Berlin, Reckeweg attended the lectures of Ferdinand Sauerbruch and August Bier.704 It was August Bier,

The OBEs of Hiroshi Motoyama

For millennia, Eastern cultures have tried to experience OBEs as a result of states of deep meditation (Becker 1983). Interested in the phenomenon, in 2004, while I was a member of the 21st century Centre of Excellence on Death and Life Studies at the University of Tokyo, I was invited to a panel discussion with Hiroshi Motoyama, who is well known in Japan as a visionary and healer.161 remember I was amazingly surprised to find out that he regularly practises meditation starting at 3 in the morning until 10 in the morning or noon, or sometimes all day long, without skipping a day. This practice enabled him to learn how 'to exit his body at will'. But this is of course not without an effort. According to him 'Each session of meditation is comparable to a situation where a samurai warrior stakes his life in a sword duel. It is an extremely difficult task to overcome one's self while withstanding the sensation of pain and discomfort.' This state of pain and discomfort may be well related...

Light Air and Sun Baths

Having introduced hydrotherapy Felke complemented his healing system by offering light and air baths.361 While travelling in the German Harz region in 1898 he had visited Adolf Just's (1859-1936) Jungborn (fountain of youth) and became so enthused with the therapies applied there that he introduced them in his sanatorium in Repelen which opened its doors that same year.362 As mentioned above the skin as the main organ of perspiration was for Felke of central importance. If toxins could not be excreted through the skin the organs would suffer. He therefore recommended light-, air- and sun baths to stimulate the skin and thus metabolism. The air- and light baths were to be taken in the nude and not only on sunny days but also when it was rainy or cold. They were to be taken daily and each time last until one began to feel chilly. The healing power of the sun was also part of Felke's therapy system. He had learned this from Arnold Rikli (1823-1906) who had founded the first sun bathing...

Experiments in voluntary death Ketamine research study

My ketamine experiences helped me to understand that all things in the universe, material and spiritual, originate from the same source and are related to each other as if they were one family. Past, present, future are all contained in the same life force from which we originate. Only few times I have reached this dimension on ketamine. I have been doing it for several years now, but nothing happens any more.

Homoeopathy as the Mother of Medicine

Reckeweg regarded homoeopathy not as a complementary method, but as the basis of all drug therapy for him it was the mother of medicine814, a fact which did not prevent him from considering other remedies to be also useful for detoxification. Biological remedies were for him in tune with nature and supported the organism's own healing forces. They characteristically aimed at effecting regressive vicariation, in other words, at moving the symptoms towards a more favourable phase, always with regard to the physiological excretions. It seems only logical therefore that Reckeweg favoured the methods of naturopathy as well. He was particularly enthusiastic about clay therapies.815 According to homotoxicology - and we have met the same ideas in naturopathy and in Felke's concept - secretions such as sweat, mucosa, pus and pruritus must not be suppressed as this would hinder the excretion of pathogens and encourage renewed toxification.816 divert the homotoxins directly.817 It was Felke who...

Traditional Chinese Tibetan And Ayurvedic Medicine

China and the Indian subcontinent have developed what are probably the two most widely known systems of traditional health care traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine. TCM refers to an ancient healing system that is thought to predate current Western medicine by over 2,000 years.4 It encompasses a range of seemingly disparate techniques and materials, including widely popular areas such as acupuncture, massage, and herbal preparations, as well as the more esoteric areas of moxibustion and qi gong. Ginseng (Panax ginseng) is probably the most famous medicinal herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, and the one best know to Westerners. Many other herbs, such as ma huang and gingko biloba, have been used in Chinese medicine for over 3,000 years but are only now enjoying great popularity in Western industrialized countries. Specific mention should also be made here of Tibetan medicine, a healing system that combines knowledge and traditions of Chinese and Indian...

Single Remedy Homoeopathy

Practitioners and 43,717 physicians.91 The growth rate for lay practitioners kept pace with the general expansion of health care, but their number grew faster than that of university trained physicians. Around the turn of the century, the majority of lay healers in Prussia had a background in the crafts, agriculture or trade a quarter of them were women92 few were former labourers. It was mostly the physicians among the homoeopaths who accused the lay healers of abusing Hahnemann's doctrine for their own commercial interests their hotchpotch homoeopathy, they argued, was only paving the ground for ruthless business operations.93 They criticized them as well for bringing homoeopathy together with other healing approaches such as iridology.94 The physicians also deplored the homoeopathic lay healers' shocking lack of expertise and skills which they tried to conceal behind their arbitrary remedy mixtures. The physicians, on their part, were also vehemently attacked by the lay...

James F Maddux David P Desmond

The sharp separation between medical and nonmedical uses of drugs is comparatively new in human history, although attempts to control drug use legislatively are not. In the past, physicians constituted only a small group of specially trained professionals who found their clientele primarily among the rich and powerful. A wide range of healers provided different kinds of health care for example, in Europe from the Middle Ages to about the mid-nineteenth century, apothecaries prepared and sold drugs to anyone seeking treatment. Apothecaries consulted with the patient, helping diagnose an ailment and suggesting a remedy, but they charged a fee only for the sale of the drug.

Types of CAM Modalities

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine divides the various CAM modalities into five categories (1) alternative medical systems, (2) mind-body interventions, (3) biologically-based treatments, (4) manipulative and body-based methods, and (5) energy therapies. These modalities include a wide variety of approaches, from acupuncture to nutrition to meditation to chiropractic. Energy therapies Biofield therapies, such as Qi gong, Reiki, and Therapeutic Touch bioelectromagnetic therapies, which involve the unconventional use of electromagnetic fields, such as pulsed fields, magnetic fields, or alternating current or direct current fields Mind-body interventions recognize the connection between the physical body and the spiritual self, and include practices such as meditation, prayer, and music therapy. Biologically-based modalities are primarily nutrition-related and vary from special diets such as the macrobiotic diet to the inclusion of dietary supplements in the...

Lindlahr Henry 18621924

Thereafter, Lindlahr returned to the U.S.A. and became very interested in natural healing methods. He read Russell Trall and J.H. Kellogg's works and began to study osteopathy, at that point an alternative approach to medical care (today it is a complementary one). After receiving his license to practice medicine and opening up his own office, he continued his studies on natural cures. In 1906, he opened the Lindlahr Sanitarium, which stressed the importance of hydrotherapy, a natural diet that restricted meat, and sunbathing. Lindlahr became one of the chief proponents of iridology, a system of diagnosing disease from study of the iris, the circular colored

Nonwestern Medical Systems Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has existed for thousands of years, long before Western medicine. Rather than following the disease model of Western medicine, TCM focuses on a symptom approach such that a person with PD who has mostly tremor would be evaluated and treated differently than another person whose symptoms were mostly gait and balance difficulty with no tremor. The specific symptoms of the individual signal a deficiency in the body fluids blood that is unable to properly nourish the energy flow or chi or Qi of the entire organism. There are three main symptom approaches under TCM (5). The first is Qi and blood deficiency, which is believed to arise from anger, emotional stress, frustration, and resentment. The second is phlegm-fire-agitating wind (yang), which is the result of poor diet, in particular eating greasy, fried, sweet, sugary foods and alcohol. The third is kidney and liver (yin) deficiency, which results from a lack of rest and overwork as well as part of...

Beware the Charlatans Mystics and Quacks

I do not advise people to rely solely on nontraditional practitioners, though I believe that some of them can be very helpful. I do not want to taint legitimate alternative healers, but I want you to be aware of the booming CAM industry and to recognize its long and often sordid history with respect to cancer. In Bathshebas Breast, a fascinating history of breast cancer, James Olson writes about how frightened and vulnerable cancer patients have been exploited

Neurochemical Mechanisms Of Acupuncture Analgesia

The neurochemical mechanisms of needling provide analgesia (pain relief) promote homeosta-sis and tissue healing improve the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and endocrine system and promote psychologic adjustment for systemic integration. The integrated nature of these mechanisms explains why problems as different as asthma, tinnitus, irritable bowel, and gastric ulcers are all improved in the course of needling treatment for pain management. Needling therapy restores the body's control system and promotes self-healing through a systemic integration that is suppressed during disease or injury.

Electrical Acupuncture

Electrical acupuncture stimulates specific peripheral nerves, which send strong impulses to the spinal cord and brain. With different stimulating frequencies, electrical acupuncture can induce different endorphins at different levels of the CNS. Endorphins have many physiologic functions, such as modulating pain mechanisms to relieve pain, relaxing cardiovascular systems, and improving immune activity by reducing physiologic stress. Electrical acupuncture stimulation, therefore, results in accelerated self-healing.

Cellular Respiration and Adenosine Triphosphate

ATP is the standard unit in which the energy released during respiration is stored. ATP is an instant source of energy within the cell. It is mobile and transports energy to wherever energy-consuming processes are occurring within the cell. The energy is released by the dephosphorylation of ATP to ADP, which can then be rephosphorylated to ATP by being coupled to the processes of respiration. ATP is found in all living cells and can be thought of as a universal energy transducer.

Local Skin Reaction And Cutaneous Microcurrent Mechanism

The mystery of needle manipulation was clarified by Langevin and colleagues,3,12 and a proper understanding of it is indispensable for clinicians. It is important to understand that although the success of ISDN treatment does not require needle manipulation, clinical practice is enhanced if the practitioner knows how this technique helps reduce tissue stress and promote self-healing.

Historical Cultivation And Usage

The neem tree produces a solid hard wood, to which in India, magic properties are traditionally attributed. Ritual reasons prevented its usage before 100 years of age the tree may live up to three centuries. The termite-resistant wood is used for housing, furniture, and handicraft art items. The bark is rich in tannins, and the amber-colored rubbery latex is used to dye clothes and in popular medicinal ointments. The oil prepared from seeds has been extensively used in Ayurveda, Unani, and homoeopathic medicines for centuries (Schmutterer, 2002 Brahmachari, 2004). The neem tree is cited in religious Hindu works the Sanskrit name sarva roga nivarini means universal healer of all illnesses (http www.natureneem.com index. htm). Mahatma Gandhi supported neem's beneficial effects he prayed under the tree, and consumed leaves in his daily diet. Its Indian nickname is the village pharmacy, since fruits, seeds, leaves, and roots have different bioactivities (Subapriya & Nagini, 2005).

The Herbalist Approach To Health

The term herbalism has changed over the years, once being almost synonymous with botany, though it is now generally used to refer to the use of plant remedies to treat medical conditions. It is often associated with medical systems having a tradition of using herbs for healing, whether in North America, Europe, or China. Western herbalism, as practiced in the United States and Europe, and distinct from allopathic medicine, is characterized by an emphasis on building and maintaining health rather than fighting disease. More significant, traditional herbalists practicing outside mainstream medicine often view healing very differently from allopathic physicians. The latter tend to regard herbal preparations as being essentially no different from conventional pharmaceutical drugs. Many herbalists take a more holistic approach, believing that herbal medicine is a healing technique that is inherently in tune with nature.1 This emphasizes the self-healing capacity of the body and its...

And Other Medical Systems

Acupuncture is one of the best examples of a nontraditional treatment that has been extensively studied and is now considered a conventional therapy. It is prescribed by medical doctors for a number of conditions and symptoms, including musculoskel-etal pain. Acupuncture has been practiced for several thousand years in China. The general theory is that there are patterns of energy flow (Chi, pronounced chee) within the body that help to maintain good health, and that disruptions in these patterns lead to illness. President Richard Nixon's 1972 visit to China led to an explosion of American interest in this and other Eastern therapies. Another important concept in CAM is vitalism, which refers to the belief that there is a life force that helps to promote health and healing. Associated with this concept is the idea that illness results from imbalance or blockage of an essential flow of energy. Restoring balance is therefore often the goal. Spirituality may be a part of CAM, though many...

The interconnected universe

The idea that we are all interconnected is also increasingly supported by science. For instance, recent evidence has emerged from brain imaging studies, carried out by a team of researchers in Hawaii, where they asked a group of 11 healers who claimed to be able to heal at a distance to choose a person with whom they felt a special connection and whom they thought they could heal. This subject was placed in an fMRI scanner and isolated from all forms of sensory contact from the healers. Random episodes of healing energy and no energy were given so there was no way that the subjects in the scanner could know when they were receiving healing energy. Significant differences were found between the experimental (send) and control (no send) conditions. There was less than approximately one chance in 10,000 that the results could be explained by chance happenings (p 0.00127) (Achterberg et al. 2005). Even stronger evidence has emerged from the accounts of people who have a particular kind of...

What about Electric Toothbrushes

Healing energy exists for everyone, and you must tap into it. Think of something that flourished because you took loving care of it. It can be a flowering plant or a pet. You probably used heart energy (healing energy) to enhance the growth of this living being. You can use the same heart energy to heal yourself. It can work wonders on gum tissue. Visualization can also be helpful. If you visualize a white light and see that white light as healing energy, you can transmit that light to the spot you wish to heal. Look at your gum tissue and then visualize a white light of healing energy being sent from your hands to the brush and then directed onto the gum tissue. See yourself heal, and your gum tissue will reverse from disease to health. Feed your gum tissue with healing energy.

The Presentday Use Of Nuts And Seeds For Health Promotion And Disease Prevention In Pakistan

In Pakistan, the majority of the rural population is catered for by Unani herbal practitioners, who prescribe single-herb or compound formulations to alleviate disease or health problems. About three-fourths of the population depend upon folklore and the tradition system of medicine, due to both the high costs and the side effects of allopathic medicines, which have encouraged the manufacture of Greco-Arab and Ayurvedic medicines (Shinwari & Khan, 2000). Most of the people in rural areas seek the advice of their grandparents or of traditional healers for frequently occurring problems such as influenza, constipation, diarrhea, aches and pains, and skin diseases before going to allopathic doctors, and are successfully cured by the local products of plants. Different medicinal plants and their products can be purchased from local herbal drug stores.

Back on Track

As the radiologist reads off the list of possible side-effects and after-effects, to run concurrently and forever, it's awfully hard to remember that this guy is supposed to be on your side. There he is, about to kill off thousands of your favorite cells, adding up to a large tract of the body that brought you this far, and they call this man a healer Talk about bombing villages in order to liberate them talk about napalming whole forests on suspicion. For

Priority Diseases

In view of these trends, a regional Task Force on Traditional Medicine and AIDS in East and Southern Africa was inaugurated in Kampala, Uganda, on April 10, 2000. The Task Force coordinates activity related to the widespread use of traditional medicine by people living with HIV AIDS (PLWHA) in Africa and the role of traditional healers in contributing to AIDS prevention and support.


In some places, midwives only care for women when they are in labor or giving birth, not during pregnancy. This may be because most of the time, people only go to a healer or doctor when they are sick or if something is wrong. Pregnancy is usually normal and healthy, so people may not think that prenatal care is important. But most midwives know that women who have good care during pregnancy are more likely to have safer births and healthier babies.

Traditional Uses

Cinnamon has been traditionally used by ancient healers from many backgrounds for stomach cramps, flatulence, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, infant colic, common infections and also female reproductive problems such as dysmenorrhoea, menor-rhagia, lactation, and pain in childbirth. It has also been used as an ingredient in topical preparations for pain and inflammation. Cinnamon is often used in combination with other herbs and spices for most of these indications. In TCM it is considered to warm the kidneys and fortify yang, so is used for impotence among other indications.


Inflammation, or inflammatory response, is the physiologic process of local accumulation of fluid, plasma proteins, and white blood cells that is initiated as a result of physical injury, infection, or a local immune response. Acute inflammation refers to early and often transient episodes, whereas chronic inflammation occurs when the infection persists or when there is autoimmune disease. Inflammation is a built-in survival mechanism to protect the system from foreign invasion and to promote self-healing after tissue injury. Nevertheless, inflammation may get out of control, which results in pain or injury to tissues. Clinical evidence shows that ISDN needling brings inflammation down to the normal level at which it can assist in the process of healing. It should be noted that ISDN does not suppress inflammation but brings it to normal physiologic level.


Contracture is a self-protective mechanism of soft tissue. It may be reversible or irreversible. When the shortening of the tissue is within the physiologic limits and is caused by overuse, overloading, misuse, or physical insults, it is reversible. Contracture from severe injuries, in which substantial amounts of tissue are destroyed, are irreversible. This may be the result of physical injury or surgery. During the self-healing process that follows surgical procedures, adhesion and scars are formed, and contractures resulting from these processes may be irreversible. For example, a leg may be permanently shortened after severe injury of the hamstring muscles or tendons.

Accelerated Healing

We have been healed by the stripes Jesus took for us. We have everlasting life because of His obedience. Patients who heal slowly, in the natural, often have a zinc deficiency. Slow healers with excess scarring normally have low zinc and high copper. Bruising easily and without cause could be due to aspirin, blood thinners, and salmon oil use.


293 Alternative healing methods are those that within a particular medical culture which itself is subjected to a historical transformation process, are more or less strongly rejected at a certain point in time or over a longer period of time by the predominant medical orientation because they question parts or all of the therapy forms of the predominant medical orientation or because their aim is to achieve the immediate and fundamental change of the medical system. In this context alternative' also signifies that these therapies are carried by social movements or certain social groupings. The healer who propagates his own healing method with little success and hardly finds, negative or positive, public resonance beyond his limited circle of patients or sphere of action is in this sense not, or only to a limited extent, alternative. Quoted from Jutte (1996), p. 13. For the the conceptual history and definition of alternative medicine cf. now also Eckart and Jutte (2007), pp. 296-298.


Herbal medicine, plants containing these compounds are often classified as vital energy (qi) tonics for example, Astragalus membranaceus contains high-molecular-weight polysaccharides and Panax ginseng contains saponins. Both are considered qi tonics. Actually, many herbs that stimulate the immune system include compounds from both chemical families. Eleutherococ-cus senticosus is an example. Ginseng also contains both saponins and polysaccharides, although the former are more prominent. In this chapter we focus on a few of the most common polysaccharide-rich herbs and extracts, and in Chapter 21 we discuss a few saponin-rich herbs. The reader is referred to herbal medicine guidebooks for information regarding additional herbs that act as immunostimulants.2-10

Massage Therapies

In reflexology massage, pressure is placed on the meridians that run through the feet. Reflexology reduces stress and tension by increasing the blood flow that supplies the body. Much the same as acupuncture, reflexology removes the blocks that inhibit energy flow in the body.


Therapy.356 Sebastian Kneipp as well as Emanuel Felke admired Priessnitz and his healing methods.357 As mentioned above, Felke considered the lower body to be a breeding ground for numerous afflictions from where foreign substances would spread through the whole body. If one rubs one's hands with very cold water or snow they turn very red which is a sign that blood is streaming into the vessels. From this phenomenon Felke deducted that by using cold applications blood could be drained from all other organs, especially from the head, and concentrated in a particular part of the body.358 The cold application would not reduce the amount of blood in the body, as bloodletting did, but would just relocate it which means that over-supplied organs were relieved from excess blood - the cause of all inflammation - while the low temperature would alleviate the inflammation. With cold sitzbaths Felke wanted to stimulate metabolism and blood circulation and mobilize the body's own defences. The...

Lentinus Edodes

Shiitake mushrooms (L. edodes, Berk Sing, Tricholomataceae fungus) is a cultured edible fungus popular in Japan for the past three centuries. The curative powers of shiitake mushrooms are legendary. It was stated in Ri Yong Ben Cao, Volume 3 (1620), written by Wu-Rui of the Ming dynasty (13681644), that ''shiitake accelerates vital energy, wards off hunger, cures colds, and defeats body fluid energy.'' Thus, shiitake is treated as an elixir of life, but without scientific verification (12,13). Recently, it has attracted considerable medical interest because of a multitude of medical effects, in particular for its anticancer activity and control of cholesterol level and blood pressure. In addition, it was reported to have antiviral, antibacterial, and antiparasitic activities (19).


Chervil has been used for several medicinal purposes throughout history by herbalists. The first-century Roman scholar Pliny and the seventeenth-century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper believed that chervil, as Culpeper put it, 'does much please and warm old and cold somachs'. Chervil drink has been used as an expectorant, a stimulant, a dissolver of congealed blood, a healer of eczema, a digestive, and a cure for high blood pressure, gout, kidney stones, pleurisy, dropsy and menstrual problems. Of these properties, the most persistently recognized to this day has been the ability to lower blood pressure, but no clinical studies support this or any of the claims.

High Blood Pressure

Provide sufficient energy to meet this 'danger'. Eventually the adrenal glands become exhausted and, as vital energy reserves become taxed, fatigue results. Unlike true nutritional hypoglycemia, this does not necessarily occur just between meals, but may be more related to situations of stress or emotion. If this stress fatigue is coincident with a refined diet and especially if caffeine is regularly consumed, the hypoglycemic state may take on a totally unpredictable character.


With the renewed Western interest in examining plants used for centuries in various traditional healing systems, the field of ethnobotany has emerged. Ethnobotany involves studies of the use of indigenous plants by people of various cultures in different parts of the world. In the United States, James Duke is one of the best-known ethnobotanists and a widely respected authority and author on medicinal herbs and herbal healing traditions he is the author of The Green Pharmacy and CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs.8,9 His ethnobotanical database is a unique source of information on the use of plants by various cultures around the world.

Herbal Folklore

In many countries, the tradition of folk medicine originated in centuries-old indigenous healing systems that flourished long before the development of Western scientific medicine. Folk medicine usually implies the care of the sick by unlicensed healers, or folk healers, including those who practice herbal medicine. Herbal folklore has played an important role in preserving knowledge about herbal remedies and, in recent years, has become of increasing interest to many people in the modern scientific medical community.


Historical note Pygeum africanum is a large, evergreen tree native to Africa. Its bark has been used medicinally for thousands of years by traditional African healers to treat bladder disorders, kidney disease, prostate disorders, and malaria, as well as male baldness and to enhance sexual functioning. Since the late 1960s, the extract has been used in clinical practice in Europe however, because of over-harvesting, the plant is now considered an endangered species and efforts are underway to protect it.

Searching for clues

First and foremost, a homeopathic practitioner requires a full description of a patient's symptoms, how they have evolved since onset, and what makes them better or worse. The choice of remedy will ultimately be based on the law of similars, which states that like cures like (see page 18). A person's symptoms are seen as reliable clues to the most suitable remedy to activate the self-healing powers of the individual's vital force. Characteristics of bodily functions and functional disturbances are also noted. So, for instance, someone might be prone to indigestion, which manifests itself as heartburn when certain foods are eaten.


Panax ginseng is a commonly used medicinal herb. It is categorized as a qi (vital energy) tonic in Chinese herbal medicine, and its use dates back more than 3,000 years. The main active constituents of ginseng are gin-senoside saponins. Although at least 28 ginsenosides have been identified, these can be classified into one of three groups, Ro, Rb, and Rg.a The quantity of these saponins in four-year-old roots is about 0.4, 2.3, and 1.1 percent respectively, for a total saponin content of about 3.8 percent.106 However, in another study on different ginseng samples obtained from herb shops in Taiwan, the average total saponin content was about half this amount, or 1.6 percent.107


Our recent studies reveled that the component herbs in SMS contributing to the antioxidant property and GPX preservation are Shisandra and Ophiopo-gon, respectively. Ginseng seems to act as organizer in this formula (11,14). Although the importance of Shisandra as antioxidant has been suggested elesewhere (15,16) as well as in our study, the antioxidant property of other components in SMS are still in discussion. On the other hand, previous studies indicated that ginseng saponins improve brain functions such as learning ability or dementia (17). Thus it is not unexpected that SMS was active in preventing oxidative damage in the brain, as shown above, although it was primarily prescribed for treating coronal heart failure by replenishing the qi (vital energy), stimulating the pulse, and stimulating the circulation of body fluids. Further analysis of the functional roles of each component herb and their synergism will help our understanding of the basic principle underlying the...

Plant medicines

Many traditional midwives and healers use plant medicines to start or strengthen labor. There may be plants in your area that work well . Some plant medicines do not work very well but are not harmful . Others can be dangerous . Watch the effects of plant medicines carefully. Ask other healers about the useful and harmful effects of plant medicines in your community Do not use a plant medicine that may be dangerous .

Some Definitions

Prayer is generally thought of in a religious context, but it can be a nonreligious endeavor and associated with the nonreligious aspects of spirituality. In her book How to Pray without Being Religious, psychologist Janell Moon writes, Webster's New World Dictionary defines prayer as 'the act or practice of praying, to beg, to implore or beseech, implore, to ask earnestly make supplication as to a deity to God, a god, as by reciting certain set formulas.' I propose that we expand the definition of prayer to include praying to our spirit as a source of life energy. So, for the purposes of this discussion, prayer, which can include meditation and other nonreligious entities, is the method that one uses to connect to one's energy source. (Although some scholars make a clear delineation between prayer and meditation, for this chapter, I'll include them in one general category.) Formal religion may or may not be a part of an individual's spiritual life. Moreover, these definitions are...

Slippery elm

Historical note The dried inner bark of the slippery elm tree was a popular remedy used by many Native American tribes, and subsequently taken up by European settlers. It was mixed with water and applied topically to treat wounds, bruises and skin irritations, and used internally for sore throat, coughs and gastrointestinal conditions. When mixed with milk, it was used as a nutritious gruel for children and convalescents. It also gained a reputation as an effective wound healer among soldiers during the American Civil War. From 1 820 until 1 960 it was listed in the US Pharmacopeia as a demulcent, emollient and antitussive (Ulbricht & Basch 2005). The name 'slippery elm' refers to the slippery consistency of the inner bark when it comes into contact with water.


When God created man He breathed life into us so we are self-healing beings. Our brains are so intricately created with options that we will never even capitalize on its full capacity. A continuation of the brain is the spinal cord which is encased in a moveable conduit called the spinal column. Gravity continuously and relentlessly compresses the 24 moveable vertebrae making the column. Man is a biped (stands on two legs) which causes tremendous pressure on fulcrum points, the neck, mid and low back.

Dying at home

Jody's last day, September 16, was peaceful. A spiritual healer, whom Jody had known for two years, came and spent time with him. A massage therapist healer friend, who had visited him several times during the five weeks he was home, gave him a long, gentle massage. My husband Tom stayed home from teaching that day (by chance ). Jody lay in his arms or on my lap most of the day. The visiting home nurse came by briefly, offered to stay, but we preferred to be alone. I was holding Jody Tom was next to me holding his feet. Jody's breathing became labored and irregular. His eyes were unblinking long before he took his last breath, then a heartbeat, then another, then silence.


Observance of dietary prohibitions is strictest in the upper Brahmin caste while beef (and pork) eating is tolerated amongst lower castes, for whom it may be an important source of supplementary protein. For these castes, giving up meat eating is one way to attempt to improve their social status. The caste system is an excellent example of the way in which social structure influences food practices. Concepts of purity and pollution determine who may eat what with whom and who may accept what food from whom. Eating with, or accepting food from, members of a lower class is polluting. In the hot-cold classification system used in traditional healing raw foods are considered to be 'hot' and are therefore purer than cooked foods, which are 'cold.' Brahmins who accept food cooked by a lower caste person lose ritual purity and thus caste status however, they may accept ghee (clarified butter) and milk for these are products of the sacred cow and cannot be polluted by touch.

The placebo effect

The interesting thing about placebos is that they are often very effective in their own right, particularly with psychological disorders (of the order of 30-40 per cent). Similarly, placebo effects may account for some psychotherapeutic effectiveness. There is nothing wrong with this. If a placebo helps to improve things for people, then it is useful. And it has been well established that people's attitudes and beliefs are important both to succumbing to a disorder and then to recovery from it. In fact, the placebo effect is what might lie at the basis of genuine cases of faith healing. If a person has faith in whatever the process of healing might be, then this, in and of itself, might bring about an improvement.

Special Formulations

Arginine, also a nonessential amino acid in healthy subjects, first attracted attention for its immunoen-hancing properties, wound-healing benefits, and improved survival in animal models of sepsis and injury. As with glutamine, the benefits of experimental arginine supplementation during stress states are diverse. Clinical studies in which arginine was administered enterally have demonstrated net nitrogen

See This Truth

Pursue health from the inside out, creating the environment that sharpens the saw to live without burnout. The majority of sickness and poor health I treat today is self-inflicted. Again Poor health is usually self-inflicted. I like to call it death by denial. Your nervous system controls the function of your body. Every last tiny cell is directly controlled by this computer system. People are blind to this fact. Correct spinal column alignment with a flow of electrical impulse and healing energy is necessary for optimal health.

Kidney injury

In case of light injury from acupuncture, the patient may feel slight pain in the lumbar area. When urine is examined under a microscope, a minor amount of red blood cells may be observed. This condition can be self-healing. Sometimes secondary bleeding is detected 2 to 3 weeks later. In case of severe injury, the patient may complain of lumbar pain, which may radiate to the shoulder, and of stiff lumbar muscles or swelling in the lumbar area, bloody urine, high fever, and feeling cold. In these cases, hemoglobin level decreases and the white blood cell count increases. Surgery may be

Wesley John 170391

Benedict. Debourgo, James (2001) Electrical Humanitarianism in North America Dr. T. Gale's Electricity, or Ethereal Fire, Considered (1802), in Paola Bertucci and Giuliano Pancaldi (eds), Electric Bodies Episodes in the History of Medical Electricity, Bologna Universita di Bologna, pp. 117-56. Gadsby, Joseph (1996) Rev. John Wesley MA Holistic Healing, Electrotherapy and Complementary Medicine, Leicester Teamprint. Griffiths, R. Marie. (2004) Born Again Bodies Flesh and Spirit in American Christianity, Berkeley, Calif. University of California Press. Wesley, John (1747) Primitive Physic or, An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases, London Thomas Trye.

Massage Therapy

There are over 100 massages or body energy therapies such as deep tissue Swedish, craniosacral, acupressure or Shiatsu, rolfing, myofacial release, reflexology, hot rock, and soft light tissue techniques such as Rekki. Although there are no double-blind, controlled studies supporting massage as a specific treatment of PD, it may have a role as an adjunctive treatment of muscle rigidity and associated pain as well as stress reduction and promotion of a sense of well being.

H1 Deep Radial

Homeostatic Points Lower Leg

The H1 deep radial point is the first ARP to become sensitive in the human body. However, its clinical value is more in diagnosis. As discussed, the efficacy and prognosis of acupuncture therapy depends on the self-healing capability of the body. As homeostasis declines, the self-healing potential drops, and more points gradually become sensitive along the deep radial nerve distally from the H1 deep radial point. Thus the number of sensitive points appearing on the deep radial nerve provides quantitative information about the body's homeo-stasis and self-healing potential.

Spiritual Healing Handbook

Spiritual Healing Handbook

A lot of people today are turning to alternative medicines to treat ailment, illnesses, and diseases. Besides this there are also alternative therapies that can also address medical problems successfully.

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