Us Military Population

I've utilized this psychosocial group therapy modality in the mental health departments of a U.S. Navy medical clinic and aboard an aircraft carrier. Group sizes have ranged from three to twelve individuals. All members were active duty military members aged eighteen to thirty and diagnosed with adjustment disorders, v-codes, and low-to moderate-grade anxiety and depressive conditions. An initial psychological evaluation indicated that an improvement in adjustment and coping skills was warranted, which could thus be acquired through hardiness training and enhancement. In addition, all individuals were deemed motivated to improve their condition and their ability to cope with their presenting stressor per self-report.

My original goal was to maintain groups as closed; however, flexibility was required due to the high frequency of patients needing this treatment. Groups met for one hour on a weekly basis and individuals participated in approximately eight sessions, but could participate in more sessions upon request.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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