Unforgotten Hurt

It is quite realistic to believe that most sentient beings have had experiences in their lives where they have been either judged, abused, misunderstood, or in fact rejected for either real or imagined perceptions on the part of another person or persons. These types of experiences often have a profound effect on the recipient and can, if repeated, cause dramatic changes in the individual's personality and interpersonal relationships in the present and in the future. It was suggested (Fehr, 2003) that a simple intervention/technique could be used to generate, perhaps, information that might not necessarily come to light in a group therapy session that ultimately will have a profound effect on the client ultimately helping to restructure an individual's personality and current interpersonal relationships. This generated information can then offer avenues and roads for further exploration with possible conscious decision-making behaviors toward what one may choose to leave behind and thus no longer be burdened in his or her present nor the future.

Solid Confidence Affirmation

Solid Confidence Affirmation

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