Understanding and Activating the Group

1. Point out the "mirror" phenomenon. The client sees himself or herself reflected in the interaction of other group members. He or she sees them reacting in a way similar to himself or herself or in contrast to his or her own behavior. He or she also gets to know himself or her self by the effect he or she has on others and the picture they form of him or her (Foulkes, 1964).

2. Create awareness of "resonance " expressions. Members of the group respond to a stimulating input with deep feelings discovered inside, so that the group as a whole, as a result of this input, may intensify a working-through process on the relevant issue (Roberts, 1984).

3. Encourage the group to express insights and interpretations. The group analyst does not adopt the role of unique expert. The analyst expresses his or her thoughts and feelings in a personal language, revealing himself or herself, within ethical principles (Foulkes & Anthony, 1989).

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