Typical Responses To The Intervention

Previous to the exercise, students often ask aloud, "Is this a group, or is this a class?" As the answer is "both," many members experience anxiety as they attempt to bridge the gap in this blurred boundary. Common statements such as, "After all, we have to see each other outside of class, in the halls, and in other classes this semester and in later semesters" reflect their concerns about possible confrontations among their classmates in the group setting. A discussion/debriefing period following the described exercise is imperative, as strong affects (the desired goal) are likely to have been generated. Appropriate processing of these feelings is necessary. Naturally, different personality structures have different responses to the experience. However, like the themes, a number of typical responses are likely to be expressed.

Many students express feeling relieved. Upon elaboration, they say that their "secret" had always felt shameful or frightening, but hearing it read aloud anonymously by another person seemed to demystify the power. Others acknowledge that the relief is found in knowing that others in the class have similar concerns.

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