Typical Responses

The initial response from group members would be one of reluctance to partici pate due to a sense of embarrassment. After the second or third core value is bid on, group members begin to feel more comfortable. Friendly competition among group members may manifest itself. Group members may brag that they were able to buy what they really wanted or they may verbalize disappointment that they were outbid by a peer.

Group members will tend to become more serious as they speak about how they violated their core values. These group members may begin to verbalize feelings of guilt and shame regarding their core values. The skilled group facilitator will be able to help the group members change from a sense of discomfort and guilt into a sense of increased motivation to change his or her behavior by providing support and encouragement. The group facilitator helps to elicit arguments for change from the group members. For example, what would happen in the future if this behavior does not change? What concerns you about your violation of your personal core value? How important is it for you to change this behavior? How confident are you that you will be able to change this behavior ? If not, what has to happen in order to make this happen? These are just some of the examples of the type of open-ended questions that can be asked in order to increase motivation.

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