Typical Response To The Intervention

The initial response to this intervention is surprise and even shock. For a leader who is new to this type of intervention, it is important to work with your own anxieties and feelings about the person who is disturbing and the group as a whole. You do not have to be perfect in

Alchemy and Transformation: 'The Disturber in Group

your responses, but it is important to be aware of your experience and be ready to bring into the group as part of the intervention and for modeling purposes. I cannot emphasize too strongly the importance of demonstrating authenticity in our responses.

As the group begins to transform its culture to one of acceptance, curiosity, and interest in the disturbing, unusual, and previously marginalized, a new way of being and possibility appears. Group members report feeling empowered rather than helpless, angry, and victimized by those who are different and difficult for them.

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