Typical Response To The Inter Vention

My clients feel a renewed sense of self-esteem in nearly all aspects of their lives as their skills improve. They feel hopeful that they can conquer obstacles that come their way without retreating into a world of fear that has paralyzed them in the past. This is evidenced by observing the group members using their newfound skills appropriately week after week during group sessions with decreased anxiety.

Interestingly, I have noted a secondary'benefit to this training not only for the communicator, but for the listener as well. The group members who typically shied away from being confronted are now able to accept being confronted without recoiling back into their fear ful and passive stances. In other words, when a group member asserts himself or herself, the former "scardy cat" is no longer personalizing what is being said and rather gaining a better understanding about what is happening. Hence, the previous "scardy cat" has gained the tools to step up to the plate and communicate more effectively as well, allowing for a more healthy exchange.

This type of intervention assists my clients in all aspects of their lives, providing a sense of self-esteem, self-worth, pride, and overall well-being.

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