Typical Response Of The Intervention

The structure of the group definitely impacts the outcomes. The group's phase of development also influences the type of structure and degree of success in facilitating member alliances, empathy, and cohesion. I find that it is very important to build in rituals to enhance feelings of safety early in the group. The beginning of any group requires more structure to provide a sense of boundaries and safety. I make sure there is the exact number of chairs needed for each member. I greet each person, including my co-leader, as they enter the room with a hello or a nod of acknowledgement. Each week the group's goals are restated. Rather than be confronting, I am more encouraging, clarifying, and supporting.

As a group becomes more able to tolerate more ambiguity I become less active. I structure the activities in a way to encourage members to be more self-disclosing. As the groups near their end, there is usually a natural return to more structured process.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

The Power Of Positive Thinking In The Post Modern Age Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age. Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the brain thoughts, words and pictures that are conductive to development, expansion and success.

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