They Can Talk About Almost Anything

It is nearly impossible to run an adolescent group without a sense of humor. For teenagers, a group leader without humor is just another authoritative, critical, or disapproving adult, the last thing any adolescent wants. Creating a lighthearted and playful spirit in an adolescent group is an art (Malekoff, 2004). A skilled leader encourages humorous banter, often initiating and exemplifying it. When problems are approached lightly with teenagers, they can talk about almost anything. Word play, puns, story telling, jokes—these are important tools. If applied correctly, they sooth feelings of hurt and alienation that so often interfere with relationships and that play teenagers and adults against one another (Gadpaille, et al., 1968). Too much seriousness often plagues teenagers' emotional, academic, and social life; a positive group experience can offer much-needed relief.

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