The Motivational Fabric

"Where do I fit in? How do I find a safe place for myself within or outside this (or any) group and what does it cost me to stay there?" These very human questions form part of the motivational fabric of any group. The answers are complex, weaving together earlier relational experiences, current social concerns, and the present moment of group life. Staying in the moment of group encounter long enough to examine these questions can be difficult, however, requiring the ability to be both aware of one's feelings and willing to explicate those feelings.

The following exercise is a helpful tool for groups that are either too stimulated by interpersonal encounters to maintain an optimal self-observational level, or too avoidant to be able to identify their interpersonal connections and disconnections. It is based on soci-ometry, which is the study of the valences within a group and exam-

ines the questions, "To whom am I drawn and from whom am I moving away? Who is drawn to me and who is moving away from me? Under what circumstances do these movements take place?"

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