The Intervention Hum Louder

The intervention described is based upon the group leader listening to the "words and music," which one particular group member uttered. Both the member's utterance and the leader's attunement to it and subsequent intervention dramatically shifted the meaning of and depth to which this group worked.

In one session, a moment occurred that forever altered the life of the group and its members. As the group members were answering "the question" posed to them, one group member was humming something barely audible to the members and the leader. The group leader encouraged the member who was humming to hum even louder, to amplify the feelings that they were expressing.

The member, as it turned out, was not humming, but was singing quietly to herself. "En mi Yiejo San Juan" was the name of the song, and soon, she was joined by a few other members of the group who were also from Puerto Rico.

At the next group meeting, rather than continuing with the question about how babies communicate, the group leader asked if there were other songs that the group members knew and wished to sing.

En Mi Viejo San Juan

Another song was sung, only this time it was a religious song, and now a few more members of the group joined in. Gradually, members began to sing songs from their countries: Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and soon the entire group began to sing together, alternating songs from their countries with songs from their churches.

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