The Hidden Aspect Of Oneself

The reading of theatrical plays aloud evolves from a tradition of readers' theater and is often the first step in the rehearsal process when a play is to be staged. The process can be used with literate populations to great therapeutic benefit as it allows participants to discover previously hidden aspects of themselves through the reading of roles. For example, a withdrawn group member might find energy in a lively character while the structure of the script might lend temporary clarity to a group member who otherwise may be experiencing disorganized thoughts. All group members benefit from feeling that they are taking part in a shared experience. Yalom (2005) refers to interpersonal interaction as the engine of group therapy, and plays are just that, scripted interpersonal interaction. Having predetermined lines is especially helpful to socially isolated individuals.

Because of the time required for this intervention, it may fit best within a day-treatment or inpatient model. If a play is to be read within the time frame of a traditional therapy group session, a one-act play is ideal. The challenge is finding short plays of interest that have enough parts for all the group members. Some plays that fit this description are listed in the next section.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

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