The Group Contract

Groups as such are very much like an infant in the sense that a group needs to be held firmly together by boundaries; in this case the boundary of a group is developed in the group contract and is set by the therapist. Through working together, within this contract, the group develops a safe envelope, a "group skin" (Anzieu, 1989).

Therefore before new members enter the group they are informed about the group contract. In this group, like in all other psycho-dynamic groups, clear contract boundaries are discussed in advanced such as:

• Always meet at the same time and at the same place.

• The therapist and the group members give advance notice about vacations, cancellations, and payment.

• The profundity of respecting the confidentiality of other group members is paramount.

• It is important to arrive on time and verbalize what they feel and think. Group members must know what belongs inside of group and what belongs outside of group.

• Socialization is strongly discouraged outside of the group, but if it does occur, the patients are encouraged to bring into the group what was discussed during this outside meeting.

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