The Clients Respond

This is a highly stimulating exercise that can evoke high levels of feeling, especially feelings of being exposed and vulnerable. The format helps to contain these feelings, and to anchor the experience of being in the group in a concrete way. Usually clients have felt relieved to be able to "confess" their sociometric experiences. They also discover that interpersonal relationships can be fluid and open to change once the underlying dynamics and tensions are exposed and worked through, offering hope to the group members.

The Phase Two task and subsequent processing can be too explicit for some groups and/or group members to tolerate. The group leader should be prepared to discuss the dynamics of direct encounter in general and what holds the group back from explicating their relationships, rather than proceed with Step Two and/or processing of Step Two if the anxiety has become too great. Step One may be all the group can tolerate in the moment. (See additional contraindications.)

Do Not Panic

Do Not Panic

This guide Don't Panic has tips and additional information on what you should do when you are experiencing an anxiety or panic attack. With so much going on in the world today with taking care of your family, working full time, dealing with office politics and other things, you could experience a serious meltdown. All of these things could at one point cause you to stress out and snap.

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