Step 3

When the pile of chairs falls, the chairs may hit the client if the client does not escape fast enough. The therapist should ask the client why he or she was hit, even though he or she was cautious of the potentially falling chairs.

Step 4

The therapist then asks the client what he or she has learned from the exercise, and then invites group members to give feedback. The therapist helps members debrief the intervention and unfold the myth that no matter how much money the client won gambling previously, ultimately the client will lose.

Step 5

Suppose the client is in a family of four, living with his wife and two children. The therapist points to. the fallen chairs, telling the client that this is his family now in ruin. The therapist takes up one chair from the ruin and invites a group member to sit on it and play the role of the client's wife (could represent the client's parents, colleagues, girlfriend, or any significant other depending on the unique case situation). Under the therapist's instruction, the "wife" discloses to her "husband" her feelings of suffering in the turmoil. The therapist has the liberty of inviting another group member to act as the wife if the first member could not perform the role properly. Then comes the next chair; the therapist takes up the second chair and asks a group member to act as the client's son. Then, the third chair— the client's daughter. Both son and daughter tell the client their feelings of living in a broken family and ask their father why he gambles.

Step 6

Now the three group members who acted as family members return to their seats, leaving three empty chairs in the middle of the room. The therapist takes up the fourth chair, saying that this is the husband's chair. The therapist invites the client to sit on it, facing the three empty chairs and answers the queries of his wife and two children.

Step 7

Based on the conversations between the four "family members," the therapist leads the group to discuss the negative consequences of gambling and share the feelings of family members.

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