Step 2 Address Adult Naughtiness

I give clients an index card and say: "Write down on the card something naughty you would like to do but feel would be hard for you to do." We put the group's cards in a hat and one at a time a client chooses a card at random to read aloud. The group responds with associations or feelings.

This step is best done anonymously to minimize client shame. Clients are curious to know whose naughty act was whose, so it is important to set and maintain the boundary in the beginning about whether the information will be shared or not. Usually, the group views the naughty act as less bad than the individual who proposed it. This metabolizing by the group allows the individual member to reintegrate that part of himself or herself without the shame and humiliation from the past.

Naughty or Nice: A Techniquefor Exploring the Mischievous in Us 489

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