Selfhumor And Gallows Humor

In a doctoral dissertation titled "Humor as a Defense Mechanism in the Holocaust" Ostrower (2000) found four subtypes of self-humor and gallows humor provided the main forms of humor as a defense. With Australian Vietnam veterans there appears to be a similar percentage of humor used as a defense.

Group psychotherapy has been regarded as the most effective intervention in the treatment of Vietnam veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, (PTSD) (Brende, 1981 ; Walter & Nash, 1981; Roller, Marmar, & Kanas, 1992; Howard 2000). It has been proposed by Howard (2000) and other theorists that one of the central tenets of trauma theory is the need for getting in touch with the feelings associated with the traumatic memories. Once the feelings have been accessed, then words need to be found in order to work through the trauma (Herman 1992; Parson, 1993; Goodwin & Weiss, 1998; Howard, 2000).

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

The Power Of Positive Thinking In The Post Modern Age Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age. Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the brain thoughts, words and pictures that are conductive to development, expansion and success.

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