Responses To The Intervention

The skill of the therapist in identifying the issues of inclusion, control, and affection is key to the success of the exercise. In the first movement many people will describe feeling restricted or inhibited. They are feeling in the group since they are attached to the rope but restricted by the rope so at the bottom in power. Some may say they went along with some other person's movements (bottom) or they just moved as they wished and let others follow (top). In the second movement there may be more reports of feeling like they were moving together (in) or that they were dragged along (out and bottom). In the third movement, the person who sits may say they felt they moved out of the group or that they had the power to stop the group (top). Those in the group might report feeling stopped by the one who sat (bottom). Responding to the overall exercise there might be reports that lead to in or out, top or bottom and even close or distant feelings.

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