Responses To The Interpersonal Exchange

First, each realized that she had been assuming that the other was acting as she was because the other did not like her. By hearing this, they each "got it" that the other simply acts in this way when she is anxious, and it really had nothing to do with her personally.

Second, each was able to see and acknowledge that this way of dealing with anxiety had consequences that they did not necessarily like or want, and that it had led to negative consequences for each in the past. Each had had prior experiences of being left out of social groups they wanted to join because they became anxious and so withdrawn or intrusive that others chose to leave them out.

Last, each member returned the next week and spontaneously said that if she had left last week feeling the way she felt during that angry interaction, she would have acted out her feelings in eating-disordered behavior over the next several days. But, because each was able to talk about the feelings generated and gain this new understanding of herself and the other person, they had not felt the urge to use the eating disordered behavior. The feelings had been processed on the feeling level and did not need to be acted on behaviorally.

Other members talked about this experience as being powerful for them both in terms of vicarious learning and in helping them address their own fear and avoidance of conflict (also discussed in the group, after the primary participants had spoken)

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