Response To The Intervention

As the members of the group were encouraged by the leader to sing whatever songs they wanted to, the members began to relate in greater depth to one another. The affective level within the group increased exponentially. People were smiling as they sang or listened to others sing, resonating with the powerful connection to their homeland and with the powerful spiritual and religious beliefs that each of them held.

In one group, the floridly psychotic group member, who for three years had sat with his chair against the wall, moved his chair to the table, smiled at the members in the group and began to sing with his group members. The group leader had waited patiently for three years for this group member to join everyone else at the table.

Everyone in the group clapped as this member joined the group, deeply moved by the songs which the members had now been singing each week for several months.

I told one group member, who had attempted suicide three years prior, that the group needed him, since he was our only baritone, and that he needed to agree never to attempt to kill himself again. He agreed to this contract and you could hear his powerful voice resonate with feeling as he sang all the songs that the group sang, "En Mi Viejo San Juan" was his favorite, since he was born in a small town near San Juan.

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