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This intervention may be used, in both short- and long-term groups, when the entire group is terminating. It is important that the therapist be comfortable with the use of guided imagery and is able to explain the justifications for its use to group members. Moreover, imagery may create various levels of anxiety in some members and a permissive style is crucial: for example, no group member needs to close his or her eyes unless he or she is comfortable doing so and any member can choose not to actively participate. (Resources are suggested in the Bibliography for therapists who wish to explore imagery and trance further [Klipperstein, 1991 ; Yapko, 2003].) If unfamiliar with utilizing guided imagery or trance, it is suggested that the therapist write out the script and/or practice the intervention (including timing) prior to the group.

Anxiety and Depression 101

Anxiety and Depression 101

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