Patients Responses To The Intervention

To continue with the example, Mr. B responded, "Yes, I know. I do the same thing. I guess that's why Mr. A's story gets to me. I've heard the same advice too and I find it hard to follow." Mr. B and Mr. A, as well as the other group members then examined the historical resonance of their difficulties.

Patients typically respond to this intervention by examining their behavioral patterns and history. With the revelation that the group member offering the advice has a similar difficulty and "knows what to do," it becomes clear that the causes of the presenting problems are not issues of competence or capability. The unconscious purpose of advice giving is to avoid feelings inherent in examining the meaning of patients' struggles. This intervention counters the unconscious purpose of advice giving and the result is a heightening of group members' curiosity about themselves and each other.

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The 10 Keys To Happiness

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