Patients Responses to Direct Confrontation in This Intervention

The group felt moved and reacted aggressively, saying that I made just as much as I had wished. The member that had not paid the previous session brought her money and placed it on the table. One of the members stood up and added further monies, which she put in an envelope. This movement split the group between submission (to order and put all the money in an envelope) and rebellion (rejection of this movement). These responses are actually the ones we wish to occur. It is through these defensive reactions that we as therapists come to understand many underlying components in our patients' personalities and certainly their relationship not only to money but to personal responsibilities.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

The Power Of Positive Thinking In The Post Modern Age Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age. Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the brain thoughts, words and pictures that are conductive to development, expansion and success.

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