Members Must Be Over Sixtyfive Years Of

For about a decade, I have conducted on open-ended, personal-growth-oriented therapy group for seniors using an interpersonal model. Members must be over sixty-five years of age; in practice, almost all members have been seventy to eighty-five years old. The group meets weekly in my office. For some members, I am also the treating psychiatrist, providing medication and/or individual psychotherapy. Others are treated by outside providers with whom I stay in open contact. Most members remain for about two to three years. Inclusion criteria include that no two members have an outside relationship, and members are cautioned not to establish outside relationships with each other after joining the group.

The group continually wonders about, and challenges, "Dr. Saiger's rule" that there is to be no outside contact. There are often extended conversations in the parking lot after group, which the members will refer to in the group—sometimes with good-natured ribbing and sometimes with an air of serious challenge to my authority. To my knowledge, there have not been social or sexual assignations taking place at remote locations or at other times.

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