Loss Of Morale And Motivation

Many educators, teachers, principals, and superintendents, within school settings, are suffering an overwhelming loss of morale and motivation regarding their ability to make positive change in our educational system. They have become defensive, blaming others for their anger, and adapted a position that there is nothing they can do. Furthermore, they may deny that there are problems or difficulties (Slavin, 1997). These attitudes and feelings also impact on the feelings and attitudes of students (Slavin, 1996; Slavin, 2002).

For example, a kindergarten teacher shrieks at her five-year-old student: "Juan, how dare you yell and scream when I am talking. Go stand at the back of the room!" Juan is crying uncontrollably. The teacher ignores him. Which attitudes and feelings toward education will become fixed due to this kind of treatment? At upper grades, what causes older children to disrupt a lesson? Basically, many of the factors that cause stress in adults also cause stress in children. There is one big difference in that children are at varying degrees of maturation, emotionally, intellectually, or socially. Although schools have taken on the challenge of intellectual maturation, emotional and social maturation have been neglected.

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