Interventions are best made in the spirit of good humor and playfulness. Humor is also your ideal resort for defusing hostility that could become disruptive. The best way to convey humor is to model it yourself by being good-tempered, relaxed, and at ease. Above all, use humor to avoid the "know it all" attitude that would create a totalitarian state in the room. Instead, assume a lighthearted and curious stance, even if it means making yourself the butt of your humor. In doing so, you demonstrate that you, like them, are not perfect and the group is a place to explore insecurities in a playful way—not a place for judgments or criticisms.

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

Power Of Positive Thoughts In The Post Modern Age

The Power Of Positive Thinking In The Post Modern Age Manifest Positive Thoughts In This Fast Pace Age. Positive thinking is an attitude that admits into the brain thoughts, words and pictures that are conductive to development, expansion and success.

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