Intervention Addition to the Contract

Generally, we try not to change a group contract once the contract is in place. This can lead to difficulties within the group as a whole. Often, the request for a contract change occurs because a specific patient has certain needs that require this alteration but ultimately changing the contract for one member can work against the concept of equality of everyone in the group and alter the foundation that has already been established. At times, the group as a whole has in its totality a specific need that needs to be addressed and changed. For example, the group meeting time might be too early or too late for all the group members.

In the case related, an implementation was required to avoid difficulties in the future for both the patients and for the therapist. As the group therapist, I related this new addition to the contract.

A couple of weeks ago when one of our group members came in with her little baby I was touched and somewhat overwhelmed. It was a "special" situation and I was worried and nervous because the heating had broken down and I was concerned how having the baby here might have affected all of you. 1, also, felt that I could not be as attentive to your needs as I wanted to be because my attention was distracted. I propose that in the event that someone does not have a babysitter, that this problem will not be taken to the group but will be resolved elsewhere, which might include not being able to attend the group on that particular day.

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