Immediacy Here And Nowbeing In The Moment

The title of this contribution comes from Dr. Richard Alpert, a.k.a. Baba Ram Dass, author of the classic cult book of the early 1970s, Remember Be Here Now. The title encapsulates the essence of the following chapter in which different words are interchangeably used to identify a concept but the concept remains the same. That concept: the "present," which in psychology can be termed "immediacy, the here and now or being in the moment." They all represent the same thing and what they represent is an effective tool of intervention in interpersonal learning for clients in group therapy (Vinogradov & Yalom, 1989).

The need to keep the group and group members in the "present" can be a difficult undertaking for the group therapist as there often is a pull from the individual group members and the group-as-a-whole to verbally leave the room and return to anachronistic events in their lives. It would appear that most people exist in the past and future and due to this try to remain as such in group therapy (Fehr, 2003).

Obviously the past and future have their importance in psychotherapy but are best left to individual psychotherapy where individual time allows for their exploration. In group therapy, the "here and now" intervention is an effective opportunity for providing interpersonal learning that ultimately can reinforce personality change and restructuring.

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