Heighten A Wareness And Responsibility

I ask members of my groups to begin every sentence using "I." The goal of this intervention is to intensify the exchange between members and to heighten their awareness and responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This can be an intervention, on both basic and more complex levels. It can be used in groups with great effectiveness.

In today's society, people often speak about how "the other makes me feel..." or "he or she made me " These "other-oriented" statements detract from directness. I want to encourage group members to own their role in formulating their thoughts, acknowledging their feelings, and determining their own responses or behaviors. Using "I" increases the immediacy of the interaction. According to Yalom (1994), this "here and now" focus offers the greatest opportunity for interpersonal learning. The "I's," as I call this intervention, specifically enhance the "here and now."

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