Guidelines For The Intervention

There are several variations of this intervention, but use your imagination to come up with any number of others:

1. If someone in the group is having an issue with a relative (or coworker) I may ask them if anyone in the group reminds them of that person. I will then ask them if they would like to practice with the group member. We then process what it is about the group member that reminds them of the family member or coworker.

2. Sometimes when it is quiet in the group, I may say, does anyone in the group remind you of a family member? We then process what the similarities are, allowing both group members potential insight.

3. Ask members to reconstruct their family of origin with the other group members.

4. As part of a psychodrama exercise, I may ask a group member to select another group member who reminds them of a family member to play the role of the family member and then process the similarities after the psychodrama exercise. This allows both members potential insight.

5. For group members who do not have large immediate or extended families to draw from and may still have difficulty confronting directly I may ask them to relate to characters from history, movies, and literature rather than family members.

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