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Scott Simon Fehr, PsyD Editor

101 Interventions in Group Therapy


//T~\r. Fehr's ecumenical all-embrac-•L'ing spirit of inclusion allows him to understand that there are 'many roads to Rome.' This quality has enabled him to attract contributing therapists who employ many diverse and distinctive interventions. The group interventions are kaleidoscopic in range and present many, many views on how different therapists approach their work, thereby providing a fascinating treasure trove of clinical experiences. Once again Dr. Fehr is to be commended for creating an engaging volume that conveys the clinical 'nuts and bolts' of group psychotherapy."

Michael Brook, PhD, CGP

Founding Faculty and Training Analyst at the Center for Group Studies, New York

// A nother excellent and relevant in--iVformative text by a prominent group therapist. The book is comprehensive in scope and provides a thorough review of multiple therapeutic techniques that lead to emotional growth and recovery. 1 highly recommend this book to any therapists looking for ideas and insights, through the group process, to help their clients make the changes they want and néed to live happier, more productive, and satisfying lives. I particularly like the pervasive theme of optimism in many of the articles."

Herbert L. Rothman, MD

Geriatric Psychiatrist at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida

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//nrhis book is concise and highly I enjoyable. In his goal of attempting to enhance the self-knowledge of his readers, Dr. Fehr has been truly successful. If the role of a group therapist is like the director of a play, the knowledge and wisdom gained from absorbing the subject matter in this classic will enable those therapists to do their work better, thus benefiting clients who place their trust and hopes in those of us who serve to influence their lives in a positive direction. Thank you, Dr. Fehr, for a most enlightening and meaningful journey."

William A. Weitz, PhD

Licensed Psychologist, Independent Practice, LTC, U.S. Army (Retired)

101 Interventions in Group Therapy

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101 Interventions in Group Therapy

Revised Edition

Scott Simon Fehr, PsyD Editor


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