Group Clients

The groups I have worked with for the past thirty years have been outpatient, in-depth, ongoing, mostly process groups with members in the normal-neurotic range, and a few borderlines. My private practice has specialized in working with groups for gay-identified men. I believe working with visible therapist errors works well with a variety of therapy and support groups in this range of functioning.

The examples come from a small outpatient process group of six gay-identified men. Most have participated for over two years, one for two months, and one only three weeks. The newest member is aged twenty-eight, the rest are in their forties and fifties. The group starts with a brief check-in process, in which members express how they are feeling that evening as well as reporting anything significant that has happened during the prior week. Not having a waiting room, I put a sign out asking latecomers not to ring the bell, but wait until I get them.

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