Format for Disturber Inclusion

• An atmosphere and culture is nurtured that encourages genuine openness and honesty.

• So-called problem students or disturbers are encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings rather than remove or suppress them.

• A culture must be established that provides a container within which an "other" person can be himself or herself.

—This is done by the appropriate and authentic metadimen-sions (Cohen, 2002), expressions by the group leader along with the content of these expressions that explains that it is immanently acceptable to share in the group unpopular and potentially disturbing views and ideas. —The leader's modeling of acceptance is central to creating emotional safety and the culture of inclusion for group members, including the disturber.

• The group leader must watch for and jump on the earliest signs of a disturber, rather than the more common responses, which are to ignore, marginalize, and hope that she or he will not do "that" again.

• Early responses from the group leader send important signals to the group:

—this group will be different than what most of you have experienced previously —safety will be attended to by acknowledging what is usually marginalized

—individuals will be valued for their contributions, even when that contribution is in an unusual form —scapegoating will not be a part of the group, other than as material for the group's work

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