The Spanish have a delightful tradition of serving "tapas," small portions of food that allow diners to sample a wide variety of tasty treats without being overfilled. Scott Simon Fehr's newest book can be considered the tapas of group therapy. Fehr has assembled an international cast of well-known authors who address important issues in group therapy in concise, brief chapters.

As with tapas, sometimes these chapters whet our appetites for more, and at other times the brief "taste" is sufficient to answer the questions that are. addressed. This approach allows Fehr's authors to range far and wide, examining instances that occur regularly in groups but are sometimes not addressed.

At times the chapters focus on technique, for example, how a leader might modify a dysfunctional group norm that has been established, or tell stories, or the use of humor and animals in group therapy. Other chapters focus on working with varied clinical populations, such as pregnant women, war veterans, trauma survivors, and individuals in the military. There are chapters devoted to tiny but very significant issues—if a member is absent or a group is not filled, should an empty chair be in the circle or should there only be as many chairs as there are expected members?

This is an entertaining as well as filling book. The reader can pick and choose topics of interest, or the reader can enjoy reading from cover to cover, knowing that the book can always be put down within a page or two and picked up at a later time.

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