Expose The Gold

Most every group will have at least one person who is a "disturber," an individual who is pressing and persistent in ways that consistently disrupt the group, the process, and the leader. Such individuals are frequently the catalyst for much hair pulling, sweat, and anxiety for the leader. The tendency to diagnose and look for ways to suppress or remove such group members is very high. The DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association, 2000) is full of labels that will find a home with these people. When I used to work with seriously disturbed adolescents in a residential treatment setting many years ago, oppositional defiant disorder was a very frequent and popular diagnosis. What this translated into is that the identified teen did not agree with staff on a frequent basis, and that this disagreement took a very disagreeable form. Although we have a whole new set of labels now, I believe we are still up against the same problem. We still have those who are disturbing in the world and in our educational and psychotherapy groups.

The idea that will be identified for this intervention is that the disturber is part of the alchemy of any group and to follow the metaphor a little further, has the potential to transform "base" material into gold. In other words, the disturber carries information that the group needs. The problem is that the signal that indicates the gold is not easily decoded. The individual who disturbs is the one that draws the tendency to shun, exclude, marginalize, and/or diagnose. The inter vention that will be described is how to identify the disturber and how to "expose" the gold.

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Conquering Fear In The 21th Century

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